• Woodcreek High School Nurse and Health Center

      Denise LaFazia RN, BSN, Credentialed School Nurse
      email: dlafazia@rjuhsd.us
      (916) 771-6565 ext: 4633 
       M-F 7:30am to 3:00pm


      Health Services: The nurse is located in the Health Center in the administration building. The nurse provides assistance with school related health problems, health instruction in classrooms upon request, and individual health counseling for students, parents, and staff. Students must have a teacher signed student pass to come to the Health Center, unless it's an emergency.  Students should contact or go see the nurse prior to contacting parents to receive permission to go home due to illness during the school day.

      Health problems:  Students with serious health concerns  such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, or other serious medical conditions are to be brought to the personal attention of the school nurse with written medical instructions for those limitations deemed necessary. Students with chronic health problems should report to the school nurse at the beginning of each fall term. Contact Denise LaFazia, the school nurse, at 771-6565 x4633.
      Immunizations:  California State Law requires at the time of registration up-to-date measles, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, chicken pox immunization or disease history, Hepatitis B vaccine series and polio immunizations for all students. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the student being excluded from school.
      Medical Exemptions - Requirements for a medical exemptions:

      Starting July 1, 2019, a parent or guardian must submit a signed, written statement from a physician (MD or DO) licensed in California which states:

      • The specific nature of the physical condition or medical circumstance of the child for which a licensed physician does not recommend immunization.
      • Each specific required vaccine that is being exempted.
      • Whether the medical exemption is permanent or temporary.
      • If the exemption is temporary, an expiration date no more than 12 calendar months from the date of signing.
      Communicable Diseases:  Contagious diseases such as pink eye, impetigo, staph infections and ringworm require a written clearance for school attendance from a doctor.  Parasites such as lice and scabies are causes for exclusion from school and school activities. 

      Medications:  Students are not allowed to carry medication with them. Only medication prescribed by a physician may be given to students. School personnel will cooperate with the student’s physician by providing a safe place for the storage of necessary medication. The school must have written permission from both the parent AND the physician for over the counter OR prescription medication to be given. The medication must be in the original container. Forms are available in the Health Center. NOTE:  Students in possession of prescription medication and/or distributing it to others may be cause for disciplinary action. Medication Form
      Physical Education:  Students who have physical or health problems that limit participation in a full physical education program are required to submit a medical restriction form to the Health Center. Please click here for PE forms. Students with certain disabilities may, upon presentation of a recommendation from a physician, be excused from regular P.E. and placed in a modified program. Students who have had a serious illness, injury, or any other health complication need a doctor’s clearance to reenter P.E. or athletic programs.
      Home Hospital Instruction:  Requests for home teaching due to extended illness (two weeks or longer) must be made through a written medical request on a district form to the principal stating the nature of the illness and the expected duration of the illness.  Contagious diseases such as pink eye, impetigo, and ringworm require a written clearance for school reentry from a doctor. Parasites such as lice and scabies are causes for exclusion from school.