Guidance Counselors are specialists within a specific grade level for a given year,
    which provides a specialized and focused knowledge base for students
    Student Counselors are as follows:

    Freshmen ~ Class of 2022      Carey Bussey      cbussey@rjuhsd.us 

    Sophomore ~ Class of 2021      Denise Burns     dburns@rjuhsd.us 

    Junior ~ Class of 2020      Kassie Mendez      cmendez@rjuhsd.us 

    Senior ~ Class of 2019      Jim Alstot     jalstot@rjuhsd.us


     Special Education Coordinator: Karen Hummel khummel@rjuhsd.us

    Intervention Counselor & English Language Learners - Marcelina Zamora mzamora@rjuhsd.us

    Learning Support Specialist: Miranda Hanley mhanley@rjuhsd.us

     Special Education Coordinator: Karen Hummel khummel@rjuhsd.us


    Guidance Administrative Assistant Sandy Alexiou salexiou@rjuhsd.us 916-771-6565 ext. 4020

    College & Career Technician: Janelle Lott jlott@rjuhsd.us 916-771-6565 ext. 4684


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    Class of 2021 Enter this #: 81010    Text this Message:  @whs21
    Class of 2022  TBD
    WHS counselors assist with student achievement in the following areas as prescribed by the American School Counselor Association


    Individual Student Planning:
    • Academic Plans
    • Career Plans
    • Problem solving
    • Education in understanding of self, including strengths and areas for improvement
    • Transition plans for post-secondary goals

    Responsive Services:

    • Individual counseling
    • Individual/family/school crisis intervention in personal/social areas
    • Peer facilitation
    • Consultation and collaboration with teachers, parents and students
    • Referrals

    System Support:

    • School Climate improvement
    • Positive Behavioral Intervention System (Woodcreek Way)