• Woodcreek High School Advanced Placement Program

    AP is a rigorous academic program that provides willing and academically prepared high school students with the opportunity to study and learn at the college level.

    AP courses can dramatically improve students’ chances of getting into college and can help them to be more successful once they are there. Studies have shown that students who take AP courses and exams are much more likely than their peers to complete a bachelor’s degree in four years or less. AP helps students improve their writing skills, learn problem-solving techniques, and develop strong study habits.

    After taking an AP course, students are expected to take the corresponding AP Exam, which, depending on their score and the college they ultimately attend, could earn them college credit and save them time and money.

    At Woodcreek High School, we believe all students have the capacity to learn at high levels, and we encourage all students to challenge themselves in their course selections. Success in AP courses requires a basic level of proficiency in the related content and in reading and writing. Also, because these courses are designed to replace introductory college level courses, they are more demanding than regular courses. Students who enroll in AP courses should be prepared for a significant work load.
    Additional AP information, including a course list and College Board information can be found on the Advanced Placement area of the WHS website.

    Advanced Electives

    Some courses require that prerequisites be met in order to enroll in the course. Any student who believes they have met that requirement through another means (outside experience, another class, etc.) should speak with their counselor. The counselor will outline steps to follow in order to waive the prerequisite requirement, including speaking with the teacher of the advanced course.