• Attendance Office

    Attendance Clerk:  Eliva Gutierrez egutierrez@rjuhsd.us 
    Assistant Principal (Attendance) Kaden Bahner kbahner@rjuhsd.us 
    The Attendance office is regulated and audited by the State of California ~ All absences (Including early dismissal & late arrivals) MUST go through the Attendance Office.
    Please allow 30 minutes to process your request. 
    Early Dismissal on rally days and Friday's before a 3 day weekend / holiday break will take longer to process requests. 
    • Students are responsible for picking up their attendance pass (before school, during passing period or during lunch) to leave campus. 
    • Attendance passes will NOT be delivered to their class because this disrupts the education process.
    • Parents/ Guardians:  You will get a recording when calling the attendance office. Please leave the information requested and a pass will be written for your student. 
    • Parents / Guardians:  You can write a note and your student can drop off the note before school in the attendance office and return to the attendance office during passing to pick up their pass.
    • Students will pick up their pass (yellow) before school, during passing or during lunch, so when it's time to leave they can show their Teacher the Yellow pass and be excused to leave class.  
    • The Attendance Clerk will NOT call you back for early dismissal requests. 
    • Parents/ guardians can come into the attendance office to check their student out.      
    • Email is the preferred communication for questions.  egutierrez@rjuhsd.us 


    Attendance Clerk's Desk call (916) 771-6565  ext: 4045 or Email: egutierrez@rjuhsd.us

    ⇒ For Early Dismissal or Late Arrival call (916) 771-6565 - press option 1 then Choose Option 2

    ⇒ For an ALL DAY absence call (916) 771-6565  Press Option 1 then Choose Option 1

    ⇒ Check your students attendance record and set up weekly reminders in Homelink (Aeries)


    What do I do if my child is absent all day?

    Preferred Option: Send a note with your child the day they return and have them drop it off at the attendance window

     Option #2: Call the Attendance Office (916) 771-6565 Press Option 1, then choose option 1 again. 


    What do I do if my child is arriving late?

    Preferred Option: Send a note with your child. When they arrive, have them check in at the attendance office prior to attending class

    Option #2: Call the Attendance Office (916) 771-6565 Press Option 1, then choose option 2.

    Option #3: Walk into the attendance office with your child to check them in


    What do I do if my child is leaving early?

    Preferred Option: Send a note with your child in the morning and have them take it to the attendance office to pick up an early dismissal slip before class, during break or lunch

    Option #2: Call the Attendance Office* at least one hour prior to the time they need to leave class.

    Option #3: Come in to the Attendance Office to sign your child out. It could take up to ½ hour for us to dismiss students from a class. (i.e.; break/lunch, P.E. class and class testing) We are unable to retrieve students from class after 2:20 p.m.


    What do I do if my child is sick at school?

    If you receive a phone call/text message from your child stating they are sick, please have your child report to the school nurse immediately. The nurse will check them out to go home if necessary


    *When calling the Attendance Office;

    Please leave the following information;

     your name

     child’s first and last name

     spelling of the last name

     date of absence or time of release time

     phone number

    Attendance Policies
    • Absences must be cleared within 3 days or a student will receive detention.
    • This detention will not be excused even if a note is sent home by a parent on the fourth day.
    • Absences must be cleared within 10 days or the absence will be recorded as a cut on their attendance records.
    • Up to 10 days of absences may be cleared by a parent or guardian. 
    • After 10 days, a doctor's note or court documents must be provided to excuse an absence (this is a district policy).