•  WHS
     Est. 1994
    The Woodcreek High School campus covers 40 acres including five acres of shared use with the 88 acre Mahany Park.  The Woodcreek learning experience prepares students for post-secondary education and for successful lives in the 21st century by equipping them with high-level knowledge and skills in academics as well as a variety of life skills. The Woodcreek staff embraces a vision of a school where students, staff, and parents work closely together to create real-life learning experiences within a rigorous academic curriculum. Through focused and effective teacher collaboration, we strive to provide our students with the best possible instruction to ensure that they achieve proficiency in a guaranteed curriculum based on state standards and agreed-upon site and district learning targets.  The teachers and staff are committed to making instruction meaningful and relevant to students.  The staff is also committed to challenging all students to achieve college level proficiency by completing the California UC/CSU 'a – g' course requirements.  We believe the skills and knowledge they acquire at WHS will serve them in whatever endeavors they choose beyond high school.  The Woodcreek staff works to prepare students to apply thinking, demonstrate learning, communicate with positive outcomes and participate in their communities.  We believe that in fulfilling our vision we will prepare students for higher education and successful careers in the 21st century. 

    At Woodcreek High School our mission is to ensure that every student achieves at his/her maximum capacity, and we do not pre-determine the capacity of any student.  In addition to providing a strong academic foundation, we believe we can prepare students to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century by encouraging athletic and extracurricular involvement, and by emphasizing communication, problem solving, responsibility, and technology. We expect our students to become collaborative workers, complex thinkers, effective communicators, and self-directed learners. We accomplish these goals by adhering, individually and collectively, to the guiding principles of employing quality instruction; modeling adaptability; sharing decision making; exploring career options; maintaining safety and order; extending learning opportunities into the community; practicing continuous improvement; involving students, parents, and community; promoting individual and team strengths; and supporting cultural diversity.  We believe that while there are many variables affecting student learning, the most important of those variables is quality of instruction, and that by focusing on continuous improvement of instruction, we can overcome many of the other variables.
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