• Mission and Goals

    Woodcreek High School is a community

    that expects ALL students to learn at their highest level

    and is committed to improving student achievement

    through rigorous and relevant instruction. 

    Students will...
    • Demonstrate a proficiency level as defined by school, district, state or national assessments in the ability to think critically and to access and utilize information.
    • Develop a proficient level of oral and written communication skills that reflect a strong command of language and ability to relate to others.
    • Achieve proficiency in all required content areas and advance to high levels in chosen areas of interest.

    Woodcreek High School Mission Statement & Learning Outcomes

    Collective Commitments

    To accomplish our mission, we believe all staff, parents and students must commit to excellence in support of student learning.  As part of our recent WASC School Improvement process we’ve made changes to our commitments that we feel are more specific and supportive to our mission.  This process was done in collaboration with staff members, parents and students.  These collective commitments continue to serve as a guide to the actions and support staff, parents and students undertake at Woodcreek High School to ensure high levels of learning for all students.


    Staff Collective Commitments

    Parent Collective Commitments

    Student Collective Commitments