• Health Services: The nurse is located in the Health Center in the administration building. Students must have a pass to come to the Health Center unless it is an emergency. Students should contact the nurse prior to contacting parents to receive permission to go home due to illness during the school day. 
    Health Problems: Students with serious health concerns such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, or other serious conditions are to be brought to the personal attention of the school nurse with written medical instructions as necessary.  
    Communicable Diseases: Contagious diseases such as pink eye, impetigo, staph infections and ringworm require a written clearance for school attendance from a doctor.  Parasites such as lice and scabies are causes for exclusion from school and school activities. 
    Immunizations: California state law requires up-to-date measles, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, and polio immunizations for all students.  Exemption for religious or medical reasons must be filed in writing in the permanent school health records.  Failure to meet these requirements will result in the student being excluded from school. 

    Medications: Students are not allowed to carry medication with them. The nurse will cooperate with the pupil’s parent/guardian and his/her physician by providing a safe place for the storage of necessary medication.  Selected school personnel may store and/or dispense prescription or over-the-counter medication to pupils upon written request of the pupil’s parent/guardian and physician only when the medication is in the original container.  Forms are available in the Health Center.  Note:  Being in possession of prescription medication and/or distributing it to others may be cause for disciplinary action including a recommendation for expulsion.