• Head Coaches

  • Baseball Coach

    Ben Petersen

    916-786-2070 ext: 7346


    "I lead to equip my students and athletes with the life skills  needed to achieve their goals now and in the future."

  • Boys Basketball Coach

    John Hunter



    "I coach to build competitive greatness and respect for others ."

  • Girls Basketball Coach

    Carly Wudel


    " I teach and coach to help ignite a passion for being a part of something bigger than oneself."

  • Cross Country Coach

    To be announced

  • Dance Coach

    Jamie Child


    "I lead students to courageously pursue authenticity through movement."

  • Girls Flag Football Coach

    Liz Danielson


    "I coach to empower athletes to navigate challenges with resilience and cultivate values that extend beyond sport."

  • Football Coach

    Jason Tenner


    "I lead to develop people of character by creating community, facilitating growth, respect for others, and partnering with student-athletes on their path towards self actualization."

  • Sideline Cheer Coach

    Rachel Ito

    "My purpose is focused on long term player development through positive and supportive learning environment. I believe in building character, self-confidence and a team-first mentality in all athletes."


  • Boys & Girls Golf

    Andrew Roberts



    "I coach to maximize athletic performance and personal excellence of our student athletes."


  • Boys Lacrosse Coach

    Ryan Pinney

    rpinney@rjuhsd.us 916-786-2970 

    "I coach to create men of character who respect themselves, value others, can face challenges, and who persevere through adversity."

  • Girls Lacrosse Coach

    Nick Colombe


    "I coach to contribute towards and bear witness to the unveiling of the unlimited potential that

    well-formed young adults inherently possess to positively impact the future."

  • Softball Coach

    Hailey Stockman

    916-786-2970 ext: 7241

    "I lead to empower students to succeed by guiding them toward security, self-worth, and purpose in an environment that embraces challenge, growth, and honor."

  • Boys Soccer Coach


    Edgard Vidrio


     "I coach to motivate players to become resilient and service oriented adults who positively impact their community, their teammates, and their own lives." 

  • Girls Soccer Coach

    Tyrone Carey


    “I coach to reveal the best version of oneself, through discipline and work ethic, honing our ability to foster trust and integrity in everyday life.”

  • Stunt Coach

    Zy Rainear


    "I coach to instill lifelong values of integrity, empowerment, gratitude, and confidence in student athletes on the sidelines and off."

  • Swim Coach

    Brittney Brown


    "I coach to help athletes become leaders and respectable people, full of integrity and resilience, that will lead them to a brighter future."

  • Boys & Girls Tennis Coach

    Micah Albert


    My purpose is to create a supportive environment where student-athletes can develop their tennis skills, cultivate essential life values, and excel academically. Through a combination of mentorship, teamwork, and a commitment to personal growth, I aim to empower our players to become not only successful athletes but also well-rounded individuals who embody resilience, sportsmanship, and a passion for lifelong learning.

  • Track & Field Coach

    Marco Hanan


    "I coach to help athletes compete and work together in developing integrity, respect, and the ability to overcome adversity in all aspects of their lives."

  • Boys Volleyball Coach

    Zachary DeBoer


    "My purpose is to provide athletes with growth and development opportunities while sharing my love for the sport."

  • Girls Water Polo Coach

    Brittney Brown


    "I coach to help athletes become leaders and respectable people, full of integrity and resilience, that will lead them to a brighter future."

  • Boys Water Polo Coach

    Cameron Hagans


    " I strive to develop a passion for self-improvement, team building, and empathy in our student athletes, and to support them in achieving the impossible in sport, school, and life. "

  • Wrestling Coach

    Bret Friend


    "I coach to inspire student-athletes to maximize their potential, create relationships, & develop skills they will use in the future."