• RJUHSD Dual Enrollment Vision Statement:

    We seek to provide equitable access and success in higher education, especially those from historically underserved populations in the Roseville Joint Union High School District, by providing clear and attainable pathways into Sierra College and beyond.

    Sierra College Vision Statement for Dual Enrollment:

    Partner and provide a clear pathway between RJUHSD and Sierra College for historically underserved high school students to embark on a successful college journey. 

    Who is our DE partner?

    RJUHSD and Sierra College partner to provide a clear pathway, especially for historically underserved high school students, to embark on a successful college journey.

    Since its founding in 1936, Sierra College has focused on quality instruction and meeting the needs of the communities it serves. 

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    For more information on Dual Enrollment (DE) specific to your site, contact: your student's/child's counselor




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  • Dual Enrollment Reviews and Comments

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    "I love my DE class and the teacher!! I'm so glad I gave DE a chance." - Junior, AHS, Spanish 001, Dual Enrollment

    "I'm loving DE English makes me think and Ms.Capell is doing great at teaching it!" - Senior, RHS, English 1A, Dual Enrollment

    "So far, I have had good experience with my Dual Enrollment English 1A class. I look forward to being able to have college credit for it. My instructor is great and is always helpful. We have weekly research modules on Canvas and I find the application very easy to use. I'm happy I chose to go with a dual enrollment class to meet my 12th grade English requirement. I think DE course should continue to be available to high school students." - Senior, GBHS, English 1A, Dual Enrollment

    "I've been thoroughly enjoying my experience in dual enrollment classes as it has provided me with a wealth of valuable insights. The opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school is exhilarating, and I am determined to continue honing my academic skills. I am grateful for this chance to challenge myself and push the boundaries of my intellectual capabilities." - Sophomore, WPHS, Business 201, Academic Enrichment

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