• No-Go List

    Our mission is to prepare students for success after graduation. Students who violate school or district policy are placed on the No-Go List for six-weeks and may not attend school events. Students who are on this list will work closely with their Assistant Principal throughout this process. 

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    What is the No-Go List?
    This is an internal list of students who may have missed too much school, earned too many tardies, received a behavioral consequence (such as a suspension), or simply have a fine. This list consists of students who have had their privileges temporarily suspended from school activities.

    no go red = Attendance or Discipline

    purple= Fine is owed



    What activities can't students attend?
    Any school-wide leisurely activities, such as attending an athletic game, dance, or rally, just to name a few. (Athletes may still participate in their sports, but they may not attend any other sport or event as a spectator.)


    How long is a student on the No-Go List?

    • Behavior reasons - 6 weeks max
    • Attendance reasons - to be discussed with the Assistant Principal
    • Fines owed - until the fines are paid/resolved (contact the Ms. Cleveland in the Finance Office either in-person during regular business hours or via email at kcleveland@rjuhsd.us)


    How can a student or parent find out why a fine is owed? Login to your Aeries portal and click on "Fees & Fines." All fees can be paid at the Finance Office with cash, check, or credit card. If you owe a fine for a missing book, you may turn in your book to reduce the fee/fine.


    What happens if the student already paid to attend an event prior to being placed on the No-Go List?
    Refunds may not be issued. 


    How do students know if they are on the No-Go List?
    It will appear as a sticker on the student's digital ID which can be seen on the app (if downloaded on their phone) or if they login to their Minga account from a device.


    What happens if a student who is on the No-Go List sneaks into an event?
    Students who proceed to attend a function that they were explicitly instructed not to attend may result in suspension.