• 1st Days of School

    We can't wait to see you! We've put together a list of helpful resources for our students and families to better prepare you for the first days of school:


    Welcome Back Day (1st Day)
    We love the first days of school in August and January, which we call "Welcome Back Day." There will be lots of get-to-know-you activities in each class which may require the use of your laptop as well as time spent reviewing the campus policies. We also extended the one-lunch day to 45 minutes to allow additional time in the lunch line, activities in the Grove quad, and time for you to connect with your friends. Bell Schedule


    What to Bring
    Here's what we recommend you bring each and every day:

    • Backpack
    • Water Bottle (refill stations located in every building)
    • Charged Laptops
    • Laptop Chargers (you will use your laptop quite a bit!)
    • Cell Phones with the Minga app downloaded and your digital ID connected


    Breakfast & Lunch
    Click here for complete details...


    1st or 2nd Lunch?
    When we have a 2-lunch schedule, your lunch time is based what building your 3rd period class is in:

    • 1st Lunch - Grove, Sierra, Foothill
    • 2nd Lunch - River, Oak, Panther Arena


    Click here to view our webpage maps of the campus, parking map, and more! 


    Campus Entry/Exits
    Students may enter and exit through the

    1. Main front gate near the Administration Offices
    2. Pistachio Park Gate
    3. Pool Gate off of the Grove Parking Lot


    Student Drop Off

    • Click here to view a map of the drop-off/pick-up route
    • Parking is very limited on and around the West Park HS campus
    • Entryways, fire lanes and  "no parking zones" must remain unblocked at all times for the safety of our staff and students
    • Please refer to the parking and student drop-off & pick-up locations/directions on the map below
    • Please do NOT park in any marked/painted parking spaces (unless you need to access a disabled person parking spot)
    • Please drive slowly and cautiously, as many students access campus and parking lots on foot and/or bicycle, scooter, etc.
    • Please make sure your child wears a helmet/protective gear if riding a bike, scooter, etc. to school


    Check in Aeries during the first week in August to view your schedules and room numbers. Click here for the Class Drop Policy.

    • PE Classes - Students will report to the Panther Arena (Gym) on the first day.
    • Late Arrival (no class 1st period) - Check the bell schedule prior to arriving. Enter through the Admin Office and go directly to your 2nd period class.
    • Zero Period (extra class before 1st period) - Check with your teacher to see what time you are meeting. Official times are on the bell schedule.


    Early Dismissal/Late Arrival
    Students who do not have a class 1st or 4th periods will no longer require a sticker due to the digital ID's in Minga. Instead, we will update your digital ID with unique icon that will appear at the top of your ID to indicate permission to leave early or arrive late.


    Dress Code
    Please visit our Policies page to view the dress code policy in detail. As a general rule of thumb, please make sure that the majority of midriffs are covered, bottoms do not show cheeks when walking, and no offensive or harmful images or messages appear on clothing (e.g. controlled substances, offensive images or language).


    Late-Start Wednesdays
    We will begin the late-start Wednesday schedule immediately following the first day of school: August 14, 2023. This is a time for staff meetings, collaboration time for teachers, and other school business. Campus is closed to students and the public until 9am. Click here for the
    bell schedule.


    Back to School Night
    Each semester we host a Back to School Night and invite families to visit their child's classes and meet their teachers. This day includes a minimum day for students and an evening for parents/guardians only to visit each class and learn more about the teacher and course expectations. Click here to view dates and details.


    Each year the Activities Office launches with a welcome back celebration. This year, we will have our first rally on Friday, August 11th and a full week of activities during Hello Week (August 21-25) with dress-up days, our first home football game, Club Rush, and so much more! Click here for the Activities Event Calendar.


    Get Connected!
    We have a lot happening, so be sure to connect with us all year long!

    • Follow us on social media (Instagram and Facebook)
    • Watch for Weekly Updates in Parent Square. We also post here on our website.