• minga



    What is Minga?
    Minga is a Campus Management Platform that elevates safety and security on campus, drives student participation, and improves student communication.


    What is Minga used for at West Park High School?

    • Digital Student & Staff ID's
    • Digital Hall Passes


    How safe and secure is Minga?  


    What if a student does not download the app on their phone?

    • ID Card - Students may get a traditional plastic ID card at the Student Store (Mrs. Cleveland kcleveland@rjuhsd.us) free of charge ($5 for replacements).
    • Hall Pass - Students may take their laptop with them to their destination to display the pass should a staff member request it, or staff may choose to use a piece of paper to write details of the pass on (student to carry).
    • *Parent Opt-Out Google Form* for West Park High School - please complete the above form if you wish to opt your child out of part or all of the Minga features.


    How do students create an account?
    We have created an account for each student. Students just simply need to login or download the app to connect! 


    Login Instructions from a Computer:

    1. https://minga.io
    2. "Log In"
    3. "Sign in with Google"  


    Login Instructions from the App:

    1. Download the Minga app from your App Store 
    2. Click “USA” when prompted and 
    3. Login with your RJUHSD Google account (must use your RJUHSD Gmail)  


    When will our photos appear?
    At the start of the year, photos will take about 7-10 days from the time the photos were taken until it will appear in the digital Minga ID. For students who arrive mid-year, photos will appear in about 24-48 hours.


    What stickers is West Park using?
    We use a digital sticker on the digital ID to indicate whether students have 1st period off, 4th period, on the No-Go List, or if they have the Panther Pass. These will be automated by the first day of school and immediately when updates are made throughout the school year.

    For students without a digital ID, a hard-copy ID will be printed with unique indicators for any of the above that apply to each student. Students must obtain the unique stickers for their ID card from the office.


    Need Assistance?
    Mrs. Cleveland, Finance Office, kcleveland@rjuhsd.us
    Mrs. Hurd, Assistant Principal, bhurd@rjuhsd.us