• I teach students to actuate a life journey inclusive of learning, growth, and service.

    The story behind my "why": I was in elementary, flying through my curriculum. Straight A's in my back pocket, then Mrs. Green hit me with it. 

    "I'm going to sit you next to (let's call him) L."

    "Why?" I exclaimed. He had the worst gradesin the school, he couldn't read, and he was always in trouble. 

    Then she explained "you can only keep your good grades if you can teach L how to read and help L learn his multiplication and division". 

    My jaw dropped, how dare I be charged with the task of bringing this student up to speed. Fast forward to the end of the semester, three painful months later. L was volunteering to read, he was winning math games in class, and he had become my new best friend. L and I both got our A's that year.

    Mrs. Green was tactful, fun and challenging.  She was everything I aspire to be as a teacher. From that moment on, taking care of only myself is never good enough; looking out for my neighbors and taking care of my community became my new mantra. 

    For the last thirteen plus years, I have aspired to get kids who don't like history, or don't do well in school, to rediscover that they are every bit worthy of having a positive school experience. I love teaching History because it allows me to connect students with stories that define and challenge our humanity. 

    Aside from teaching, I coach soccer on campus and am a Director of Coaching for Roseville Premier. I'm also the proud father and husband to Addy, Adam, and Gabby Vidrio.