Oakmont HS Advanced Placement Program

  • Congratulations Advanced Placement Student!

    We wish to applaud your pursuit of a rigorous and challenging education by beginning or continuing your advanced placement studies.

    Your participation in Advanced Placement courses requires a willingness to learn and self-motivation. As such to meet the daily demands of AP courses students should be:

    • Interested in ideas and relationships
    • Willing to risk being wrong
    • Competent in individual research skills
    • Able to ask insightful and clarifying questions – including seeking out help when needed
    • Able to organize materials and work under pressure to meet deadlines
    • Able to make independent decisions
    • Able to work productively with my peers on collaborative projects
    • Able to attend class consistently and without excessive tardiness

    As a condition of your enrollment in an Advanced Placement course at OHS you are expected to take the AP Exam offered in May each year. Financial Aid may be requested at the beginning of the school year to assist with exam costs. 

Dropping an AP Course

  • In order for a student to drop an AP course, the student must meet one of the following criteria:

    • Have not passed a prerequisite course and does not meet qualifications for enrollment in selected course(s)
    • Medical hardship as evidenced by a doctor’s letter, 504 plan, IEP documentation
    • Extenuating family circumstances

     Student must submit a request to drop form to the counseling office.

    The request will be reviewed by the AP teacher, student’s counselor and an assistant principal.

    The team will then make a decision for continuing or discontinuing in the AP course.

    The student and their parents/guardians may appeal the decision to the principal.