• 10th Grade (Sophomores)
    Class of 2026  



    Student Handbook
    Find everything on our website or the student-friendly website for everything you need to know about our processes, procedures, and more!  



    Panther Pick-Up Days
    Click here for everything you need to know and do when you come to Panther Pick-Up Days in August!



    All 10th graders take the PSAT in October of every year, compliments of the district! This is just one way we are preparing students for college- and career-readiness!



    PE Journal
    All 9th and 10th grade students must complete a journal during the semester students are NOT enrolled in PE to meet State Requirements. Click on the slide deck to learn more and reach out to your PE teacher with any questions.



    Powderpuff Game
    May 17th, 2024



    Work Permit
    If you got a job, go see Mrs. Luna in the Career Center!





    Assistant Principal
    Briana Hurd

    Laura Swinford