• finance office

  • Student Store & Finance Office

  • Finance Office Window


    Look for the "Finance Office" sign above the pick-up windows located on the exterior of the Admin Office (Admin Quad).



    • Before School 8:00-8:30am (9:00-9:30am on Wednesdays)
    • Lunch
    • After school until 4:00pm 



    • Assist with any and all purchases (anything to do with finances).
    • We accept cash, check and credit card payments. 
    • Location pick-up for credit card purchases:
      • BSN Store - orders are shipped directly to you.
      • ASB Online Student Store - pick up your order from the Finance Office Window.
    • Buy your registration purchases, PE clothes, dance tickets, yearbook purchases, spirit wear, dance tickets, parking fees, or anything involving money.
    • Pay your fines/obligations for any debts (missing textbooks, damaged Chromebook, etc.)


    Student ID Numbers Required:
    All students are required to use their ID number to make purchases. Click here for instructions on how to find your Student ID in Aeries/Homelink.


    Mrs. Cleveland
    Admin Assistant for the Finance Office
    (916) 786-2970 x7050 


  • Student Store

    ASB Student Store

    ASB Student Store
    Orders can be picked up in the Finance Office (or Student Store during large events and sales).

  • Location: Online and in-person (located inside of the Admin Office near the Counseling Offices). 

    Hours: Same as regular office hours

    What we do:

    • Accept online orders
    • Accept payment via cash or check at the window
    • Accept credit card online (you can do this while at the window)
    • Sell items listed on the Online webstore (PE clothes, WP merchandise, Panther Pass, parking permits, dance tickets, etc.)
    • Issue Student ID cards 

    Contact: Kimberly Cleveland at kcleveland@rjuhsd.us 

  • BSN Store

    BSN Store

    BSN Store
    Orders are mailed to your home.


  • Location: Online  

    Hours: 24/7 


    • An online store that sells additional WPHS merchandise by an approved outside vendor. WP Boosters receive a percentage of the sales.
    • All items are mailed directly to the purchaser - West Park cannot assist with any orders.

    Contact: BSN Directly (find contact info on their website)