• Communications - Stay Connected!


    We strive hard to keep families, students, and staff connected to all of the great activities we have taking place at West Park High School. Below are the few great ways you can stay connected to our great school:


    Weekly News Broadcast
    Weekly video announcements created by our Media class shared on Wednesdays through Advisory Period to the students. 

    Weekly Updates
    Posted and emailed through Parent Square every Sunday at noon with an overview of the upcoming week and special weekly announcements.

    Social Media 
    Follow us @westparkhighschool on Instagram and we post daily in our story (reposting our clubs/organizations/department posts as well as highlighting daily activities).

    Panther Calendar
    All of our large school activities are updated here. Check often in case there are changes.

    District Calendar
    View all school dates and closures here.

    Senior Activities
    We're planning a lot for our graduates this year! Take a look so you can see what to expect!

    College & Career Center
    See when your favorite colleges or the military are planning to visit. Plus lots more!

    Activities Calendar
    We are busy planning out each week and month with lots of fun activities to bring the Panther spirit alive!