Honors, Awards & Letterman Patches:
    Criteria to earn your patches, Block R and 3 sport blanket...
    1. You must play one sport during all three season of sport (Fall, Winter & Spring)
    2. You must start, remain and end each season academically eligible. (Passing 3 out of 4 classes and receiving at least a 2.0 at ALL grading periods).
    3. You must stay CIF eligible.
    • The first year the above criteria is completed, the student will receive a 3-Sport Athlete Patch along with the school year chevron and certificate.  


    • Every consecutive year student athletes complete the above criteria, they will receive an additional chevron showing the new year of accomplishment.


    • If student athletes fulfill the criteria ALL 4 YEARS of high school, they will have earned the honor and recognition of a RHS 3-Sport Athlete and will be awarded and receive the 3-Sport Athlete Blanket!


    • Four year 3-Sport Athletes will be honored and presented with their blanket at the annual Senior Awards Night in the presence of peers, parents, family and staff!

    Award Grid