Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Ali Bowman

Art 2, Art 4, AP Studio Art


I am so excited about joining the West Park staff for the 2022-2023 school year. I have been teaching for ten years and prior to coming to West Park I taught art both at the elementary and secondary levels. I attended CSU Chico, where I studied studio art as well as art education. I also completed my student teaching at Chico State.

Over my 17 years as either an art student or art teacher, I have come to firmly believe that all students can be creative when given a space where they feel safe and have the right materials at their disposal. While in my classes, students build skills through a variety of different mediums while they explore the creative process. Students will also build an understanding of both the Elements of Art and Principles of Design through a variety of activities, keeping a sketchbook culminating in demonstrating both how to apply them as well as how to analyze them during the critique process. As students progress through higher levels of art classes, we really begin to create a portfolio of work that brings their voices to life. I am here to facilitate the process and help them take risks in their art. 

When I am not teaching art, I enjoy spending time with my family. My husband and I often adventure around hiking trails with our two daughters. Our oldest is 3 and loves to collect treasures on our walks while the youngest, 9 months, enjoys the entertainment her sister brings or snoozing in the carrier. Before having children, I had more time to do my own art and had a few gallery shows. Eventually, I hope to build a small printmaking studio in our garage and get back to creating my own art, but for now, my personal art is capturing my daughter's childhood by keeping a sketchbook we draw in together.