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  • Parking Permits

    Parking is very limited. To accommodate the demand, the following rules apply:

    • Permits are only available to grades 10-12. No exceptions.
    • Permits are required to park in our Main Lot as well as the Pistachio Park (backside of campus). Roseville Police and Code Enforcement will be enforcing.
    • We will ensure there are enough parking spots for Seniors through fall semester only for those who are still obtaining their permit/license. No guarantees for students who obtain their license in the spring semester.


    Permit Options:

    • Painted Parking Spots:
      • Grades: 12th only
      • Limited to seniors only
      • Reserved individual parking spot
      • Good for one full school year
      • Located in the Main Lot, closer access to the school
      • Painting Day: Aug. 3rd @ 8am-1pm
    • "SENIOR" Spot
      • Grades: 12th only
      • Open parking (not assigned) for Seniors who do not have a Painted Parking Spot
      • Located in the Main Lot, in the middle area between the Painted Parking Spots and Unmarked Parking Spots
    • Any Unmarked Parking Spot
      • Grades: 10th-11th only
      • Not assigned/open parking for all students
      • Located in the furthest unmarked (no paint, words, or pictures) parking stalls in the Main Lot or Pistachio Park


    How to Obtain a Permit (must show at the time of purchase):

    Permits will be issued once all of the steps have been completed.


    Mr. Kentris