ALL athletes must meet the two criteria below to participate in athletic competition.

    1. Athletes must have earned an overall minimum 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 grading scale during the preceding grading period.
    2. Athletes must have passed three out of four classes during the preceding grading period with a grade of "D" or better.
    A student may be granted one period of probation during his/her high school enrollment, beginning with the first school (9th grade) grading period. A probation may be granted only if the student has met one of the two academic eligibility requirements. If the athlete chooses to take their probation, they will be able to compete for that grading period only. Once they have used their probation, they will not be eligible for probation again. NOTE: Probation may need prior approval by the head varsity coach for that season.
    Criteria to earn your patches, Block R and 3 sport blanket...
    1. You must play one sport during all three season of sport (Fall, Winter & Spring)
    2. You must start, remain and end each season academically eligible. (Passing 3 out of 4 classes and receiving at least a 2.0 at ALL grading periods).
    3. You must stay CIF eligible.