Phone: 916-782-3781


Degrees and Certifications:

AA, Humanities, American River College, Sacramento, Ca., 2000 BA, Early Childhood Education, National University, La Jolla, Ca., 2019 Education Specialist Credential, 2020

Ms. Shirley Marlatt

HI! I am excited to be a new member of the Viking family. While I only obtained my credential in 2020, I am not new to education. I spent 20 plus years in early childhood education. 10 of which I owned and operated a childcare. If you had asked me 5 years ago where I would be today, a Moderate to Severe special education teacher would not have been my answer. However, I love every minute of it. For the past four years, I was an instructional assistant and intern teacher for San Juan Unified. During that time, I was making my way through what I fondly call "teacher school", where I completed my undergraduate degree, obtained my teaching credential and took an insane number of tests. My hope is to finish my masters degree and teaching induction in the next two years. 2019 is a bit of a blur for me as I completed 20 classes in 13 months while working and attempting to be an active mother of three kids. 

My husband, Mike, and I can often be found driving to/from or watching an event, sport or activity for one of our children (Bruce 20, Logan 18 and Amelia 11). Bruce attends Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. He is enjoying Cross Country and Track at the D-3 level. Logan is a senior at Bella Vista in Fair Oaks. He loves to wrestle and watch Friends. Lastly, Amelia, our little animal-loving, nature child is enjoying 5th grade at Earl Legette. We also have 5… yes I said 5… quadruped kids. 2 dogs (Betty and Leonard) and 3 cats (Mitzy, Penny, and Cream Puff). The 3 human children will tell anyone who listens that I love the pets more than them and Betty is my favorite. All True! In my free time (haha) I like to run/walk with friends, head to the gym, read corney self-help books and binge watch shows that make my hubby nuts. The weirdest thing about me is I like to get up early and work. Plug through things when my mind is fresh. I often say I get more done in the first two - four hours of the day than I will the rest of the day.