• Antelope High School believes:

    - Students should be treated equitably regardless of gender/gender identification, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, household income, body type/size, religion, and personal style.

    - Students should be able to wear clothing of their choice that is comfortable, expresses their identity and values.

    - Students should be able to dress comfortably for school without fear of unnecessary discipline.

    In order to uphold the values stated above, the following dress code guidelines should be followed by students and staff during school hours:

    - Students will not wear clothing that depicts violence, weapons, drugs/alcohol or drug/alcohol use, tobacco/nicotine or tobacco/nicotine use, sexually explicit images or phrases, profanity or hate speech.

    - Students should cover certain body parts at all times: clothing with opaque (not see through) fabric must cover the areas where undergarments would normally be worn. More specifically, this means students MUST wear: a shirt with fabric on the front, back, and sides; pants or the equivalent (skirt, leggings, shorts); or a single item that covers both areas (a dress, romper, jumpsuit), and shoes that cover the bottom of the feet.


    Further Clarification and Specifics

    1. Underwear, or areas of the body typically covered by underwear, should not be visible. Exceptions are bra/bralette straps under a shirt. This includes undergarments under pants, or shorts worn under pants- these items should not be visible.
    2. Shirts and tops must have a front, back, and sides of opaque (not see through) fabric. A general rule is that no more than 3 inches of a student's midriff or torso (front, sides, and back)  should be visible when a student is standing relaxed with hands by their sides.
    3. Shorts, skirts and dresses should completely cover the entire buttocks when a student is standing.
    4. Hoods and hats may be worn outside. It is up to teacher discretion about hats or hoods being worn inside, and students are expected to comply with teacher expectations in each classroom.  


    Students identified as not adhering to the dress code by any staff member: the following steps will be taken: 


    1st offense: Warning given to student, possible discussion about dress code policy between staff member and student (depending on situation and ability to have a discrete conversation).

    2nd offense or further: Referral to office and discussion about dress code policy between staff, students, and parents. Students will be asked to change. In most cases, students will be asked to go to the office during their next passing period, or at the very end of class, to get other clothing to wear. If a student is unable to participate in class because of their attire, they will be asked to go to the office during class to change.