We will begin the second round of bowling for this school year on MONDAY, January 30TH AT 3:15 AT ROCKLIN BOWL

    (2325 Sierra Meadow Dr., Rocklin, 95677 Phone: 624-8216).

          1)      League Dates:      


    ROUND 1

    ROUND 2--(tentative)

    Oct. 17 (Mon.)

    Jan. 30 (Mon.)

    Oct. 24 (Mon.) 

    Feb.  6 (Mon.)

    Oct. 31 (Mon.)

    Feb. 27 (Mon.)

    Nov.  7 (Mon.)

    Mar.  6  (Mon.)

    Nov. 14 (Mon.)

    Mar. 13 (Mon.)

    Nov. 21 (Mon.)  BYE

    Mar. 20 (Mon.)

    Nov. 28 (Mon.) 

    Mar. 27 (Mon.) End of Round 2

    Dec.  5 (Mon.) End of Round 1

    Apr.  3  (Mon.) Awards for Round 2

    Dec. 12 (Mon.) Awards for Round 1



    2)      Staff Advisors:


    a)      Mr. Pipitone

    b)      Mr. Nord (volunteer coach)


    3) League Times:       3:30-5:30 on League Dates.  Monday, Jan 30 starts at 3 PM


    4)   Cost:               $40 per student.  This entitles each student to bowl 3 games, including shoes and balls on league dates.  Once a student joins the league, they will also be entitled to bowl 2 games (with bowling shoes included) per week as practice games, and they do this at no additional cost. Students just identify themselves and tell the desk person what league they are in and Rocklin Bowl takes it from there. A 10% discount on food will also be provided by Rocklin Bowl each week.


    5)  Teams:                     4 students per team.  Let Mr. Pipitone know if you want to be on a specific team.


    6)  Deadlines:           Must show how you will cover the cost of bowling by first league date.  If cost is an issue, please talk to Mr. Pipitone


    7)  Transportation:   Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Rocklin Bowl.  Mr. Pipitone can provide a ride there only to a limited number of students if pre-arranged.