How to reset your student password from a district chromebook.

Cyber Security image with tablet showing lock icon over it.
  • In the years and years since technology has taken us over and ruled us we mere mortals have resorted towards using a password. In the beginng that's all it was, a simple word that we used that allowed us in to various things, but in the years since with growing feuds between different groups of technolgy we have found ourselves resorting to more complex passwords. Often requiring they be at least 8 characters long and in most cases including at least a number and upper-case letter if not special characters. However along has come a new type of secuitry think. This time using passphrases rather than a hard to remember, and overly complex for human brains, passwords. For more information on this idea of passphrases checkout this article written by John Carroll University. 

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How to video

How to Written Instructions

  • With your chromebook on the login screen and connected to wireless.

    From here on will be referred to as My. (pronounced My-dot)

    1. From the login screen in the lower left you will find an "apps" button labeled as such
    2. Upon clicking the "apps" button you will notice a handful of applications that appear. Select ""
      1. Apps button on ChromeOS login screen expanded with circled in red
    3. It may take 30 seconds for the My. link to launch 
    4. Upon launching you will find another login screen, this time for My.
      1. kiosk app portal opened with the username and password field shown
    5. Type in your username (not including and password below
    6. After a few more seconds you may find a screen that says "Password Expiration; Your password has expired. You will be required to reset your password before continuing the authentication process. Please enter your 'old' password followed by entering and verifying a new password."
      1. portal opened showing password expiration with Old password and new password fields visible 
    7. Type in your old password and proceed to type in a new password twice. Remember passwords must be at least 8 characters long, however RJUHSD recommends using a passphrase rather than password. Something that uses a whole phrase or sentence rather than just a single 8 character word.
    8. As you press "change password" you will immediately be logged in to the My. without anything additionally being done. 
    9. You may now restart your device. 
    10. When you log in with your new password you may be prompted with a screen that prompts you to type in your old screen. You can enter your old password if there is data saved locally that you are aware of that you wish to keep, otherwise ChromeOS backs up all information to the cloud.
      1. ChromeOS enter old password prompt after a password reset