• Short-Term Independent Study

    Dear Students and Families,

    If you recieved an email because you have missed 3 or more days of school this year. If those absences were on 3 or more consecutive days you have the option to participate in Short-Term Independent Study. The document linked below formalizes the expectations for the work that needed to be completed while you were gone and allows you to receive attendance credit for that time. Teachers will write their expected work on the form and provide a grade for the time that was missed. With the increased absences for quarantine this allows us to better ensure that students are receiving their work and are having it graded accordingly. In addition, the school may collect ADA funds for the time you were absent in order to support our school programs.

    In short, the process is as follows:

    • Student and/or Parent print the agreement form.
    • Parent and Student both sign the form.
    • Parent and/or Student enter the date range for his absences at the bottom of the first page and the total number of days.
    • Student enters his/her classes in the Subject column of the 2nd page.
    • Student takes the form to each of his/her teachers and has them complete columns 3 and 4 on the 2nd page of the agreement form.
    • Student brings the form to Mr. Bahner for signature and Mr. Bahner gives the form back to him/her.
    • Student completes the work.
    • Student returns to his/her teachers once the work is completed.
    • Teachers sign columns 5 and 6 on the agreement form.
    • Student brings the completed agreement form and 1 work sample for each class to Mr. Bahner (not 1 work sample for each day. The total work samples should equal the number of classes the student has, which is likely 4).
    • Mr. Bahner updates Attendance Clerk and have her verify the student's absences with a Short Term Independent Study attendance code.

    Please complete the form and return it to Kaden Bahner in the front office or by email to kbahner@rjuhsd.us

    Short Term Independent Study Program Form Link: