California Scholarship Federation


    The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) emphasizes high standards of scholarship and community service for California high school students.


    Contact Information:

    Ms. Capell

    Room 930


    916-782-3753, ext. 3930 




    CSF applications based on Spring 2023 grades are now available.  The application is an online Google form.  Please click on the various links below to download the application (for viewing purposes... no paperwork will be submitted), see the list of courses, apply through the Google form, and pay the CSF fee online. 

    Your completed Google form will automatically be submitted to Ms. Capell.  You will not be contacted after your submission UNLESS there is an issue with your application (you will receive a receipt that you submitted your application with a timestamp which should be before the due date).  If you do not hear from Ms. Capell, assume that you qualified!  You can always email with questions. 

    Payment will be online (see the link below).  For this application, no printed out grades will be required (Ms. Capell will look them up online, so please make sure your name is typed correctly on your Google form).  The completed application will be due by Friday, September 8th, 2023.



    CSF Online Application  APPLY HERE

    CSF Application form and Course list (for viewing purposes... please turn in the application online)

    CSF Fee Link (this will go towards the cord and pin for each senior who earns their lifetime award).  If you do not see the CSF Link in the store, type CSF into the search bar and it will come up for you!

    Have questions?  Check out the CSF Application Slide Show!  Slide show with audio available here


     Official CSF Page