• Fall Sports - Tryouts/Practice Begins August 1, 2022

    Cross Country (Girls/Boys) 


    Golf (Girls)

    Sideline Cheer (tryouts concluded April 2022 for the fall season)

    Volleyball (Girls)

    Tennis (Girls) -

    Water Polo (Girls/Boys) 


    Winter Sports - Tryouts/Practice Begins October 31, 2022 - All student athletes must be cleared through Home Campus prior to tryouts

    Basketball (Boys)

    Tryouts - Tuesday November 1st. See Coach Hibbs with questions

     Basketball (Girls)
    Tryouts for ALL LEVELS will start on Tuesday, November 1st from 4:00-7:00pm in the small gym

    Soccer (Girls)

    Try-outs begin 10/31/22
    All three levels
    Monday, 10/31 @ 3:45pm Grass Field
    Tuesday, 11/1 @ 3:45 Grass field
    Wednesday 11/2 @ 3:45 Grass field
    Thursday 11/3 @ 3:45 Grass field 
    Wear a white shirt with name on front and back
    Bring water and cleats. NO CLUB GEAR ALLOWED

    Soccer (Boys) 

    Tryouts - Oct. 31, Nov 1 and Nov 2nd; ALL THREE DAYS will be from 3:30 to 5:30PM on the grass soccer field 

    Wrestling (Girls/Boys)



    Spring Sports - Tryouts/Practice Begins February 6, 2023

    Baseball - begins January 30, 2023

    Golf (Boys)

    Lacrosse (Girls/Boys)

    Softball - begins January 30, 2023


    Swim (Girls/Boys)

    Track & Field

    Volleyball (Boys)


    CIF/SJS Sports Calendar 2021/2022