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  • April 9, 2021:


    RSVLA Parents and Students:


    RSVLA will begin CAASPP testing next week, which will affect all students due to altered bell schedules on our testing dates: April 15, 20, and 22. All RSVLA classes will still meet on those days under the bell schedule below. 

    Click link here for a pdf of the schedule 

     Students taking these tests will receive an email next week that provides their assigned RSVLA teacher-proctor and a zoom link for their testing session. This link will work for all 3 test days. We will have multiple supports in place, including a general zoom room for students or parents to join as needed, and a help email address.  


    Please note that for the CAST (Science) test, any 12th graders who did not take this in 10th grade will have to take this test on April 22.


    Student preparations:  students simply need to ensure that their Chromebook is fully charged and they have their power cord ready if needed. Reliable WiFi is obviously a requirement, just as it is for RSVLA classes online. Test sessions may take as long as 2 hours, but breaks are built into our schedule. Our goal is that students simply do their best, which means getting a good night’s sleep and eating breakfast are the only other preparations needed.


    If you have questions, please contact us at rsvla-help@rjuhsd.us


    Thank you for your cooperation and support!



    March 26, 2021


    RSVLA Parents and Students:


    Congratulations! We’ve all made it to Spring Break during this most unique of school years. We hope everyone gets some well needed rest and relaxation this coming week. Please ensure your student is rested and ready to return on Tuesday, April 6th when classes resume. 


    April is the month we do our state testing for Math and English Language Arts (CAASPP), as well as Science (CAST). All RSVLA 11th graders will be taking this test on April 15, 20, and 22. Parents of 11th grade students should have all received a letter sent district wide this week about these important tests (a copy is attached here).


    These tests are important: they affect our school’s funding from the California Department of Education (CDE), its standing on the CDE Dashboard, which also affects school rankings. Academic honors are also affected by these tests, as students can only win certain academic honors if they earn a passing grade on these tests (Examples include Seal of Biliteracy, Golden State Seal of Merit Designation). Please plan on having your 11th grader ready for this test by ensuring their school-issued Chromebook has all updates completed and that the camera works. If you need technical help, contact your home campus, or simply take the Chromebook into campus for repair, and you will be issued a loaner Chromebook.


    We will provide more details to you in April as the dates approach. Thank you for your cooperation and help with these important tests. If you’d like more info about these important tests, please check CDE’s “Parent Guide to Understanding.”  


    (Also attached Shane’s letter to all 11th grade parents)



    March 13, 2021


    RSVLA Parents and Students:


    Next week is a big week for RSVLA! 3rd quarter grades are posting on Tuesday, March 16, and we will have our first ever online Spirit Week. See the image below for each day next week. Kudos to the RSVLA Leadership classes and instructor Kristin Patten in getting this together. We’d love it if all of you would participate in Spirit Week!

    Zoom Camera Policy:

    As we begin the 4th quarter, we will be re-emphasizing the importance of having zoom cameras on. Students must be engaged for attendance purposes, and RSVLA teachers will be making a renewed effort to have students turn cameras on. Learning is our goal, and teachers can communicate with students so much better if they can see their faces and talk to them both through video and audio. Please make sure your student knows this camera policy, and is able to follow teachers’ instructions regarding cameras.


    Some details about camera issues:


    1. Broken Camera: Take your Chromebook to your home school and get a loaner Chromebook until yours is repaired. Students can find school site information in your Blackboard Course under the “Technology” tab.  


    1. Inconsistent Internet: Students should still turn the camera on when asked. If student engagement is not evident through other means (audio response, chat, email, text, or other visible active participation), students must turn their camera on when asked by the teacher or they will be marked “not engaged” and cannot be counted for attendance. Families who have unreliable internet access should call the tech hotline at (916) 462-9511 and they can help you with better internet.  

    Online Options for 2021-22 School Year:

    While RSVLA will not be an option for next year, Independence HS is developing two e-learning options. The first is the blended model where students attend a few times per week with assigned teachers. The second is an exclusively online program where students attend in asynchronous schedule as part of a daily attendance plan. Links to a brochure which provides more details and sample schedules are available at the end of this message. Please read through the information and then click on the survey link below to answer which model you and your student would be interested in for the 2021-22 school year.  

    If you wish to attend either IHS program in the 2021-22 school year, you must respond to this survey by March 15, 2021 (5:00 PM). If no choice is made, it will decrease the likelihood of having enough space for families in August as all our staffing plans are made in the spring. 


    Please contact IHS Principal Ross Fernandes, rfernandes@rjuhsd.us or IHS Counselor Denise Burns, dburns@rjuhsd.us with questions. 


    Here is a link to a video that aligns with the English version brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gL49_1kAG_XHIvpyssbN3g3YnewameWJ/view?usp=sharing



    1. English: https://issuu.com/fernandesr/docs/rjuhsd_online_survey_brochure
    2. Spanish: https://issuu.com/fernandesr/docs/rjuhsd_online_survey_brochure_spanish
    3. Russian: https://issuu.com/fernandesr/docs/rjuhsd_online_survey_brochure_--_russian



    March 8, 2021:

    Parents and Students:


    As we enter the last week of the quarter, we want to encourage all RSVLA students to finish the quarter strong. Here are some things students should do to ensure they do their best before final exams this Thursday and Friday:

    1. Turn in missing assignments (check with your teacher, or on Homelink/Aeries gradebook).
    2. Make up any missing quizzes, tests, or projects.
    3. Be sure to attend Hub time for extra help.
    4. Communicate with your teacher about how best to prepare for exams or final projects.


    We will be on the usual bell schedule, with exams being held in students' 1st and 3rd period classes on Thursday, March 11, 2nd and 4th period exams will be held on Friday, March 12.


    Best wishes, and please do your best!

    Feb 12, 2021, 7:30pm

     RSVLA Parents and Students:

     We are halfway through the 3rd quarter, meaning grades are here!

     Grades:  Student grades are now posted and visible in Aeries/Homelink. To access these, please log into Homelink, click the grades tab, then click on grades (not gradebook summary). These progress grades are intended to let parents know where students stand approximately halfway through this 9-week quarter with enough lead time for students to recover and get support if their grades are not where they need to be. Please utilize Hub time in all classes where students need help, and please know that our expectations are that students currently earning grades below C are expected to be at Hub from 1:50-2:35. 

    Sports:  Please remind your students that they can participate in sports at their home campuses! Please have them contact their coach or home site Athletics secretary.  One other detail about progress grades:  they determine athletic eligibility.


    Clubs:  All RSVLA students can participate in clubs!  Although clubs are coordinated through students’ home campuses, students can start a new club through an advisor at RSVLA or their home campus. 

    Club Info for RSVLA Students and Staff


    Activities Director:


    List of Existing Clubs:

    Starting a New Club:

    Antelope HS

    Kaitlin D'Arienzo



    AnHS new clubs

    Granite Bay HS

    Tamara Givens



    GBHS new clubs

    Oakmont HS

    Michael Kentris



    OHS new clubs

    Roseville HS

    Brent Mattix



    RHS new clubs

    West Park HS

    Kathryn Delapp



    (contact advisor)

    Woodcreek HS

    Kim Bair



    (contact advisor)

    Message Sent to All RSVLA students and parents

    Feb 6, 2021, 6pm

     RSVLA Parents and Students:

    We have much to be proud of after 5 weeks of classes. Last month, we gave a student survey about how things were going:  over 46% said classes were going great, and over 92% of students rated it as a 2 or 3 (3=best).  Thanks to all of our RSVLA students, teachers, and parents for all of your work, your patience, and your perseverance throughout the last month.

    Academics:  We really want to see all of our students find success by passing all their classes. To do that, we need all parents to be aware of some fundamental elements for success.


    • Progress Grades are coming out Feb 11. The intent is to notify everyone (students, parents, teachers) where each student stands with adequate lead time before final grades are due on March 12. 

    • Hub Time is a great way to improve your student's grades! We have asked all RSVLA teachers to require students to attend Hub time if they are not earning a C grade or better, and to notify us if students are not attending. Please help us provide students with the help they need by ensuring your student attends Hub time as required.

    • Zoom and Learning Environment: Some teachers have noted that students are zooming from locations around town that may not be the best learning environment (restaurants, parks, etc). Our expectation is that students are at home or some other appropriate learning environment, so please remind your students of this expectation.


    RSVLA School Culture: the RSVLA Leadership classes have begun a culture campaign, and will be getting student input on a RSVLA slogan and theme, along with ideas for celebrating students' birthdays, and ways of showing gratitude to our hardworking teachers. Kudos to Ms. Kristin Patten and her dedicated students, who presented their theme ideas to faculty members at our Feb 2 staff meeting.


    Athletics and Clubs: RSVLA students can participate in sports and clubs from their home school site. For sports information, contact your home campus office or athletics staff for info. Remember to complete the Covid-19 screening form Screener19.com form every time you are on campus. For Clubs, RSVLA students can join existing clubs from their home campus, or can form or join a new club with RSVLA. We will be reaching out to all RSVLA students next week with details about club opportunities.


    Student Wellness: We realize online learning can leave students feeling disconnected, so please remember that we have Wellness supports for students who may need services. Please refer to our district Wellness Services page for support or to refer a student.


    Enjoy the rest of your 3-day weekend! Thank you for your support.

    January 13th, 2021:

    We wanted to update all RSVLA parents and students with all that’s going on. It’s been a whirlwind start of school, and we’re grateful to everyone (students, parents, and RSVLA staff) for managing our fluid situation.


    New Enrollees to RSVLA: Welcome to RSVLA! We did not expect to have seats available this late in the semester, but we are happy you’ve joined us. Our teachers should be letting students know how to get up to speed in their new classes. We will be hosting a special zoom orientation session for new students Thursday, Jan 14, at 3:00pm. While intended for new enrollees, other students are welcome to attend as well. 


    Info and Support: You can find a lot of useful info on our website at rjuhsd.us/rsvla. Please scroll down the webpage to view past communications to families. Our support staff can also help at (916) 462-9515.


    Textbook Pickups: We continue to work on coordinating this through students’ home school sites, so please follow the details sent out by your home school. If you have further questions, please see the updated information on our website or contact your RSVLA teacher for additional information.


    Back to School Night:  RSVLA will be hosting BTS Night next Wednesday, Jan 20, at 6:30pm. We will start with a webinar presentation to all parents, followed by individual teacher presentations. We will send a detailed schedule and separate zoom links for each teacher’s individual BTSN sessions on Tuesday the 19th. Click here for the Webinar Link for 6:30pm Parent Presentation


    Attendance: Please emphasize the importance of daily attendance and full participation in every class every day. Students’ attendance is listed daily one of 3 ways:  E = engaged, N = not engaged, and A = absent. Please note that students must complete a daily engagement record, and must be actively participating in the class to be marked “E.” If your student was present, but not engaged, our teachers are instructed to mark students as N, which results in phone calls home.


    Wellness Support: RJUHSD has a wealth of support services for students. Our goal at RSVLA is to keep students safe and feeling connected while supporting social and emotional needs. Wellness information for each site can be found on our website or on the RJUHSD Wellness website. There is a digital parent and student referral google form you can complete, or you can email wellness@rjuhsd.us. Additionally, you can contact your home site counselor or wellness coordinator to set up an online appointment. 


    Food Services:  Student lunches are being delivered to families who signed up for the program. If you are interested please email foodservices@rjuhsd.us with the information below. You will then be notified of your delivery date. Meals delivered are shelf stable and food is left at the front door so there are not any fresh or frozen items in the meal kits. Information to include in email: 

    • Parent Name

    • Parent email

    • Parent cell

    • Student Name(s)

    • Student ID 


    Thank you, and we’ll see you via zoom at Back To School Night on January 20!


    Monday, January 4th: You can view the Informational Webinar presentation by clicking the link below: 

    Link to Presentation 


    December 30, 2020:

    Our classes begin on Tuesday, January 5th, and we want to ensure all students are prepared beforehand. Our goals are simple, but important: 


    • Verify your enrollment in the Academy, either full time or part time 

    • Note that some students may be taking classes from both the Academy and some from their home school site 

    • Ensure technology tools are working and that students can access the Blackboard learning platform

    • Provide multiple support resources for your needs: academic, socio-emotional, and technology support


    Please take a few minutes to read this vital information at the link below so that we know you’re ready for a successful start on January 5th, 2021.


    Additionally, we will be hosting an informational webinar for students, parents and guardians on Monday, January 4th from 6:30-7:30pm. Link to join: https://rjuhsd-us.zoom.us/j/94465854579. Information can also be found at http://rjuhsd.us/rsvla

    Thank you!



    December 17, 2020:


    Classes Begin Jan 5: Online classes in the Academy will begin at 7:40 am on Tuesday, January 5th. Our bell schedule is aligned with the other RJUHSD schools for convenience and consistency.

    Student Schedules: We are still working on numerous student scheduling requests, so we will be sharing student course schedules on Monday, January 4th. We thank you in advance for your patience.

    Technology Updates: For your student to succeed with online learning, they will need reliable internet service, and a district-provided Chromebook. If you do not have reliable internet service, please call our Hotline at (916) 462-9511 for assistance in resolving internet issues. If your Chromebook is not in good working order, please contact your home school to get it repaired and pick up a loaner Chromebook.

    Digital Platforms: course materials will be hosted on the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS), and student grades and attendance are posted on the same Homelink/Aeries system used at your current schools.

    For technical details and login info, please complete our Technology Checklist at: 


    Please look for additional communications in the coming weeks, as we will share additional details as they become available. If you have questions or concerns, please submit them here: bit.ly/RSVLA-Dec17

    Thank you and welcome to RSVL Academy!


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