Daily Covid Clearance

  • From Tim Healy, Athletic Director

    Effective 9/1/20:


    ***Mask requirements still apply.  Coaches must wear masks at all times.  Athletes must wear masks to and from practice. 

    ***All players and coaches must keep social distance, staying 6 feet away from others.

    *** All athletes must have theri own water bottles.


    This form is required the first day of practice.

    Student-Athlete COVID-19 Acknowledgement Form

    ***Bring form to practice/conditioning.  Coach must have a copy to allow participation, for each athlete.


    Students daily health screening for athletics:
    • First, students must make sure that they indicate they will be participating in athletics in the morning of each day they have a conditioning session, practice, or competition.  This is done at the same time they complete the daily health screener for school. 
    • When arriving to an athletics practice or event students will take a picture of their coach's QR code using their phone with their camera/QR reader
    • Students will then click on the link that pops up and press "Yes" indicating that they want to check in with the coach.
    • Students must also show the coach a green checkmark for the day (please check the date) from their screener19 app indicating a complete and clear health screener.


    Coaches daily health screening for athletics:

    Each morning, you will receive an email in your district issued email account that will contain a link that you will use to complete the daily health screener, each day that you are involved in any coaching activities.