Dynamic Online Learning

Dynamic Online Learning

District Plan

District Online Plan

Online Learning School Policies

  • Camera Policy/Expectations


    The camera function during online dynamic online learning should be employed to facilitate learning and monitor student progress. The camera function can also serve as a security measure and attendance verification. Here are specific guidelines and considerations for camera expectations:

    • Students must have the camera turned on when entering and should when exiting the classroom, once the teacher has validated each student the camera can be turned off if it is not required as part of the learning process
    • Examples of learning process applications include but are not limited to:
      • Recitation/choral response
      • One to one checks for understanding
      • Class presentations
      • To visually connect with students
      • To enhance testing/assessment security 
    • Teachers should be sensitive to students who request to have minimal screen time in class. Take the step to hear their story and adjust as needed. 


    Teachers are expected to keep their cameras on the entire period so students can access them when needed.

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Last Modified on September 9, 2020