No sports are permited to start their official season due to an order put out by Governor Newsom and CDPH.  At this time, some sports are choosing to conditioning within certain guidelines.  For sport specific questions, please contact the coaches for more information.  Once more information regarding the start of an official season is released, a school-wide email will be sent out.  


    CDPH released new guidance for phasing in sports.  Sports will be phased in based on a county's tier color and are categorized based on low/moderate/high risk sports as well as indoor vs outdoor.  There will also be further discussions down the line at a section, league and district level.  


    As of Monday, August 31, 2020, RJUHSD has been allowing all sports to conditioning in PODs.  There are many stipulations and guidelines in regards to participation.  Coaches will be working with PODs of students with no more than 14 athletes and 1 coach and must be done entirely outside. Each athlete will be assigned to a POD by their coach.  PODs are completely voluntary and will consist of 90 minute conditioning periods.  Social distance will be practiced and ALL participants must be in a face mask.  At this time, athletes may not be in more than one POD.  Note - not all programs are choosing to condition at this time.  Please read thoroughly to make sure you are in compliance:

    • Athletic Clearance is a MUST!  All athletes must be athletically cleared through Athleticclearance.com.  
    • Clearance Uploads:  Physical that is signed, stamped, dated and Proof of Medical Insurance with the ATHLETE'S NAME LISTED
    • Assumption of Risk Form must be signed and given to the coach at the first check-in.
    • PODs - can only consist of 14 athletes and a coach.  Programs will assign athletes to a designated POD and condition time and location.  Times and location of conditioning has the possibility of changing every 4 weeks so make sure to communicate with the coach.
    • PODs assignments cannot change to reduce cross contamination for a minimum of 4 weeks.
    • Once on campus (even if athletes have carpooled), everyone must remain at least 6 feet apart at all times and be wearing a mask. 
    • In order to participate, students must fill out the Wellness Check Form that we would like to be completed by 2:00pm everyday so that list can be reported to the coach.  If "yes" is answered to any of the questions, please keep the athlete at home and contact the coach for the next steps.
    • Participation is completely voluntary and will not hinder your chances of making the team in the fall.
    • For program specific questions - please contact coaches directly.  Visit our school's website.  For programs that do not yet have a coach, no conditioning will take place until a coach can be secured.  Note - not all programs are choosing to condition at this time.
    • Due to new state mask declaration - ALL athletes must wear masks to and from conditioning.  
    • NO spectators or parents will be allowed on campus during this time.

    For Athletic Clearance please allow 24-48 business hours to be cleared. If your athlete has yet to be cleared, it is most likely due to one of three things - physical must be signed, stamped and dated (current physical exam dates must be on or post May 20, 2020), proof of insurance must have the ATHLETE's name on it (not just the policy holders name) and the e-signatures must have both the parent/guardian and athlete's signature. In the upload section, please make sure to see a blue hyperlink to your documents to ensure that they have been attached properly. Please allow 48 hours from submission for clearance.
    Thank you for your patience as we work through these uncharted waters. Information and recommendations are constantly changing, requiring shifts in our protocols. We will continue to communicate as the information is being processed and adapted to our campus and programs. It is important to stress that all coaches, parents/guardians and athletes follow the rules. We need to be safe, methodical and diligent as not to risk anyone's health or our ability to conduct conditioning on campus. Please stress this information, especially the social distancing piece and wearing masks to and from, with your athletes. We hope everyone continues to have a safe, healthy and fun summer.