• Start looking for scholarships as early as FRESHMEN year of high school! There are tons of opportunities available for high school students of all grade levels.
    • Apply to multiple scholarships! Start by searching for local or regional scholarships (for RJUHSD students, this would be Placer County or Greater Sacramento Region scholarships).
    • Dedicate a time every week to peruse the scholarship lists for new scholarships and to complete the application and essay(s) required.
      • TIP: Many scholarships have similar essay prompts. You can re-use essays and just make a few tweaks.

    Yes, it is HARD to get scholarships! But just think
     If you spend two hours on
    one scholarship and you end up winning it, that’s quite the payout!

    Letter of Recommendation Request Form
     - Use this form to request a letter of recommendation from counselors or teachers. Please give teachers and counselors two weeks notice when requesting recommendations! Remember to follow up with a thank you card.