Welcome to West Park High School


    Please note: Enrollment for the 2021-2022 is NOT open. Please do not complete any of the online enrollment steps until we have announced that enrollment for next year has opened. 



    Registration for 2020-2021  

    If you would like to enroll your student, please first check to make sure you are in the West Park High School Attendance area. 

    School Locator

    Once you have verified you are living or moving to the West Park High School attendance area you will need to complete each of the following enrollment steps. 

    1. AIR Online Enrollment  This process takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Please fill out all items in full as this assists us with making sure your student's records are fully complete. 

    2. You will need to provide the following documents to the registrar by scanning or photographing them and emailing them to Miss Christina at cwinn@rjuhsd.us

    AFull vaccination record (List of required vaccinations) 

    B. Mortgage Statement, Rental Agreement or Shared Housing Affidavit - must be current.
    If you are a renter and do not pay utilities because it is included in the rent, provide a letter from the lessor and/or a copy of the rental agreement stating that utilities are included. 

    C. PG&E, SMUD or Roseville Electric bill - current within the last two months with an address inside our district boundaries.

    D. Transcript and Withdrawl Slip from previous school. Student's cannot be scheduled without these. 

    E. Copy of your student's most recent IEP or 504 plan. Student's with IEP's cannot be scheduled for classes until your child's IEP has been reviewed. 

    F. Course request sheet for appropriate grade level
        9th Grade Course Request
        10th Grade Course Request




    **Please note, West Park High School is on a 4x4 schedule for classes. If your student is coming from a school that is not on the same type of schedule, you may want speak with a counselor regarding placement in classes and course credit for courses already taken this year.  



    All documents may be scanned or photographed and emailed to the registrar at cwinn@rjuhsd.us or faxed to 916-772-4502. 


    Enrollment information if you have an approved transfer:

    Intra District Transfers: All enrollment steps will remain the same as above.  AIR online enrollment will assign you to your school of residence. Once you have completed the online enrollment portion, please contact our registrar so that the enrollment can be pulled to West Park High School. All other steps for enrollment remain the same. 
    Inter-District Transfers: All enrollment steps will remain the same as above except for during the AIR online enrollment process. If you live in the attendance area of another school district the online enrollment system will not recognize your address. In order to complete the online enrollment process, you will need to enter your address as the school's address and when asked if you want to use the same address for mailing - click no, and then enter your actual address for the mailing address. This will route your enrollment to the West Park High School Registrar.   
    Information on applying for inter/intra-districtr transfers can be found here


    Additional Documents that may be required: 

    Shared Residence Affidavit- if you share a residence with another person, and all of the bills are in their name, use this form
    Shared Residence Affidavit - Spanish - Declaracion Jurada de Residencia Compartida
    Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit- if verification of your authority over a minor student is needed