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  • PE LOG

    9th & 10th Graders NOT in PE - you are required to complete a weekly log to document your physical activity per state requirements. Since our classes are a full year in one short semester's time, students not currently enrolled in PE must continue to do and log their physical activity every week in a Google Classroom (students can get their Classroom Code from their 2nd period teacher). This log should be completed by THURSDAY of each week. (Students currently in PE this term do NOT need to complete this, but will next semester if NOT enrolled in a PE class.)  Slide Deck


    • West Park PE clothing, athletic shoes with laces (no boots, crocs, slip-ons or flip-flops) and socks.

    • Compression shorts, yoga pants and other form fitting garments can be worn under PE shorts (black and gray only)

    • Torn or ripped clothing is not acceptable and needs to be replaced.  Any modification to the PE uniform will result in PE loaners being needed for the period and the student replacing the clothing with non modified clothing in a reasonable amount of time.  

    • Optional: sweatshirt/sweatpants (solid blue, gray, or black only – highly recommended for colder weather), worn over the P.E. uniform.

    • Hats, at teacher’s discretion, for protection from the elements will be permitted.  No sunglasses, unless prescribed by a  physician, may be worn during class.