• Strategic Plan

    RJUHSD's strategic plan is driven by the mission statement and goals of our district. It defines the steps we are taking to ensure we fulfilling our promise to provide a world class education for every high school student in our community. The strategic plan connects our values and beliefs that every student will be successful to the concrete steps to push our district further.


    Picture of Antelope High School graduates in red robes throwing their caps in the air, with a sunset in the background.



    The Roseville Joint Union High School Mission Statement captures our purpose, why we exist.

    RJUHSD's Mission is to:
         - Ignite innovative and meaningful learning.
         - Inspire powerful impact in our communities.
         - Prepare all students for multiple paths to success.


  • Our Goals

    • Wellness & Safety
    • Equity & Inclusion
    • College, Career & Life Readiness
    • Student Centered Instruction
  • Our Foundation

    • Collaboration
    • Continuous School Improvement (CSI)