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  • The Wellness Centers across the district aim to enhance the delivery of coordinated services with the goal to support students and families with their social and emotional support, across the district.


    Our Wellness Centers focus on the following five areas of need:

    • Mental Health
    • Substance Use & Prevention
    • Attendance & Truancy Support
    • Assessment & Referral
    • Community Partnerships & Referrals


    Why Wellness?

    Wellness Centers on high school campuses are a powerful investment in the health and academic potential of students. They provide increased early interventions for students experiencing emotional problems that may be impacting their ability to access their learning. Wellness programs have a proven ability to reconnect students back to learning when health and social-emotional barriers are present. 






    Mentally healthy children are more successful in school and life. At any given time, one in five students struggles with a mental health challenge.  Research demonstrates that students who receive social–emotional and mental health support achieve better academically. School climate, classroom behavior, on-task learning, and students’ sense of connectedness and well-being all improve as well.  Wellness Centers offer a safe supportive environment to address students mental wellness needs.   


    Schools play a large role in reinforcing healthy choices and can help to prevent and reduce tobacco and substance use among students. A certain amount of risk-taking is a normal part of adolescent development. The desire to try new things and become more independent is healthy, but it may also increase teens' tendencies to experiment with drugs. Wellness Centers provide prevention, early intervention and treatment for students in need of support.   


    Every day a student is absent is a lost opportunity for learning. Too many absences not only can affect achievement for the absent student but also can disrupt learning for the entire class.  This isn’t simply a matter of truancy or skipping school. Often absences are tied to health problems, such as asthma, diabetes, and mental health issues. Other barriers including lack of a nearby school bus, a safe route to school or food insecurity make it difficult to go to school every day.  In many cases, chronic absence goes unnoticed because schools are counting how many students show up every day rather than examining how many and which students miss so much school that they are falling behind.  Wellness Centers provide supportive adults to address and eliminate barriers to attendance.  


    Based on referrals, the goal of the assessment is to identify, collect and organize all appropriate information to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to address concerns impeding the students academic and social emotional performance.  The Wellness Center receives referrals through School Counselors and Administration and works with students and parents to provide appropriate services.  


    Our community offers an erray of supports for students and families.  Challenges that impede students are greater than what schools can address.  Through our partnerships with community providers, Wellness helps to case manage and connect families to resources.  

  • Hours

    7:30-4:00PM Monday-Friday

    Contact Wellness

     (916) 782-3781 ext. 2503

    Mental Health Associate

    Cecilia Fuentes, APCC, PPSC


    (916) 782-3781 ext. 2518

    Family & Community Engagement Liaison



    Wellness & Prevention Coordinator

    Kelly Richmond Moore, LCSW, PPSC



    Wellness Center Location

    Room 503