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    Fall 2024 Schedule Now Available 

    Spring 2025 Information Sessions- COMING SOON!
    Wed, TBD • 6:00 PM 
    Wed, TBD • 6:00 PM 

    Automotive 100/800--Basic Automotive Services Repair (4 Units) -- Instructor Lorne Curtis (lcurtis6@sierracollege.edu)

    • August 20 - December 12-- Tuesday  & Thursday      5:00 p.m. - 8:05 p.m.
    • August 19 - December 11-- Monday & Wednesday    5:00 p.m. - 8:05 p.m.

    Automotive 140-Automotive Skills Development (3 Units)  - COMING SPRING 2025


    Registration if FULL for FALL 2024.  Check back later for Spring 2025 registration dates. 
    Students may apply through Sierra College or Roseville Adult School. 
    It is recommended that students apply first through Sierra College for priority enrollment.


    Sierra College Students--For Credit or Non-Credit (Preferred Method of Enrollment)

    Apply through your  MySierra Account at Sierra College and pay student and per unit fees.

    Need Help? 

    JD Murillo

    Enrollment Specialist

    Phone: 916-660-7359


    Roseville Adult School--For Non-Credit Certificate of Completion (Alternative Method of Enrollment)

    Apply in person at Roseville Adult School- 200 Branstetter Street 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


    1,830 Auto Tech Jobs are projected in our Capital Region by 2024! Don't miss this opportunity!



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    Almost nothing built or grown in California can reach a marketplace without transport of some kind. People use transportation to get to work, school, medical appointments, shopping, recreation, places of worship, and home again. California’s Advanced Transportation sector is already generating more than 47,000 to 65,000 jobs and continues to show signs of growth.


    Career Opportunities

    • General Automotive Technicians
    • Tire Repair Technician
    • Supervisors, Installers, Repairers
    • Bus/Truck/Diesel Engine Specialists
    • Aviation Mechanics
    • Locomotive and High Speed Rail
    • Motorcycle Mechanic
    • Hybrid/EV Technician


    Courses are taught in partnership with Sierra College and fully articulated with American River College depending on where the student wants to attend.


    RJUHSD Automotive Services 1 (Aeries Course Code: 353553) 10 Credits Elective-One Semester

    Sierra College Basic Automotive Services Repair( Auto 100) 4 Units


    This course presents the introductory automotive technical skills used by entry-level service technicians. Course content includes; vehicle operation, tool usage, practical measuring skills, fasteners, electrical meter usage, common automotive services and problem-solving techniques. Class projects are performed in an automotive shop environment to provide hands-on experience with common industry tools and equipment. Emphasis is placed on basic shop service operations which meet Automotive Service Excellence, (ASE) maintenance and light repair standards. This course will help the student prepare for the ASE G1 service exam.

    RJUHSD Automotive Services 2 (Aeries Course Code: 354563) 10 Credits Elective--One Semester

    Dual Enrollment Sierra College Automotive Skills Development( Auto 140) 3 Units


    This course covers basic automotive component diagnosis, service and repair for major vehicle systems including: brakes, suspension, heating, air conditioning, electrical, engines and transmissions. Shop activities are designed to further develop skill, speed, and experience capabilities of automotive majors to meet industry diagnostic and repair performance expectations. Emphasis is placed on shop service operations which meet Automotive Service Excellence, (ASE) maintenance and light repair standards. This course will help the student prepare for the ASE G1 service exam.


    RJUHSD Advanced Automotive Seminar and Pre-Apprenticeship 10 Credits Elective--One Semester

    (Aeries Course Codes--Advanced Automotive: 354513/ CTE Internship Unpaid: 356813)


    This course will deepen the technician’s readiness for ASE Maintenance and Light Repair certification along with placing the student in a local automotive shop as a student intern.  On the job learning will be supervised by a mentor/sponsor who will assign meaningful job tasks that support students in acquiring employability skills such as teamwork, written communication, problem solving, flexibility, initiative, and reliability.  Students will acquire sufficient knowledge and skills for entry into paid high quality automotive apprenticeship or an entry level job with advancement potential in the automotive service industry.