• Community Resources

    Through partnership with community based organizations we are able to expand services through Wellness Centers.  We are extremely grateful for the passion and commitment of all the organizations listed below and truly appreciate the work they do with children and families in our community.


    Established in 1989 as a public, non-profit organization, KidsFirst’s mission is to treat and prevent child abuse and neglect through Education, Advocacy, and Counseling, to empower and strengthen children and families. Our vision is that all children live in a safe, healthy, and nurturing home. We are dedicated to helping families by providing them with the tools they need to cope with difficult life circumstances before they become overwhelming. With counseling and family resource centers in Auburn and Roseville, our programs target the most vulnerable children, families and neighborhoods. We strengthen families by Educating, Advocating and Changing Lives. Our programs include Wellness, Information and Referral and Education and Outreach. 


    We help individuals and families heal by providing counseling, educational classes, and easy access to resources.

    The vision of Lighthouse Counseling and Family Resource Center is to build healthy families and communities.

    Continually expanding its reach across Placer County, today Lighthouse is a full-service Counseling & Family Resource Center serving approximately 3,000 Placer County residents each year. Lighthouse’s reputation for providing quality services to individuals and families in need continues to grow and over time has received numerous awards. 

    Stand Up Placer

    In 1978 through the efforts of a group of Auburn professional women the Auburn Women’s Center was opened as an all-volunteer agency. The following year the organization changed its name to Placer Women’s Center to reflect its commitment to serve the entire county. Through the dedication of local women’s groups, churches and brave individuals, battered women found refuge in private homes until the original shelter opened in 1985.

    In 1997, PEACE for Families, a group established to serve the community in Roseville and Placer Women’s Center, merged to form a stronger entity to serve all of Placer County. The expanded group chose to adopt the name Placer Extends A Caring Environment for Families – or PEACE for Families.In 2012, in an effort to show the community of Placer County that it was time to take a stand against violence, PEACE for Families became Stand Up Placer, Empowering Survivors, Saving Lives.

    Placer Food Bank

    The Placer Food Bank has been distributing food and nourishing our community since our beginning as the Community Resource Council in 1970. The organization was founded to provide services to low-income and needy individuals and families in Roseville and surrounding areas.

    In 1985, the Community Resource Council began to operate as a Food Bank and our responsibilities and outreach to the hungry experienced rapid growth. In 2008 another milestone was reached, and the Community Resources Council officially became known as the Placer Food Bank. Soon after the drastic economic downturn in 2009, the need for Placer Food Bank services tripled and we found ourselves out of space at our small location, and the search for new office and warehouse space began.

    We relocated to our present location in 2010, and now distribute more than 6 million pounds of food each year to hunger-relief organizations in El Dorado, Nevada, and Placer Counties.

    Crisis Resolution Center

    Koinonia Family Services and the County of Placer are collaborating in a team effort to offer Placer County residents the family resources of the Crisis Resolution Center (CRC). Since 2002, the Crisis Resolution Center program has provided solution-focused family intervention which resolves family crises and establishes reunification of children ages 12-17 with their families.

    The Crisis Resolution Center, located in Loomis California, is a six-bed (co-ed) group home facility with counseling facilities, fully licensed and professionally staffed to provide out-client family services and short-term residential care. Our staff is composed of well-trained house parents, child care workers and a master’s-level social worker who provides quality relationship counseling, conflict resolution, parent-child training and professional referral services. Young people at the Crisis Resolution Center experience a stable, well-supervised schedule of events.

    Services are designed to empower families to become proactive and creative problem solvers. Bringing real hope to Placer County caregivers and teenagers in crisis, relational conflict resolution and creative intervention remains the unwavering mission of the Crisis Resolution Center.


    All of our youth are at heightened risk of drug/alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, and educational failure. The underlying causes of these behaviors are typically referred to as “Risk Factors” that include a lack of family involvement, poverty, exposure to violence, and mental illness. By contrast, “Protective Factors” are supports that buffer young people from the many risk factors they face.  Several studies, including those conducted by The Centers for Disease Control, have identified two significant protective factors for at-risk youth: supportive interactions between youth and their parents, and connectedness to family or adults outside the family.