• Superintendent's Message

    Jess Borjon

    July 2020

    For nearly all of us, these last few months have been tumultuous to say the least. As soon as we begin hoping for a reprieve, we’re thrown for a loop. I know this has been impacting our community and families on so many levels, but my hope is that we can all seek some respite, regeneration and resolve as we attempt to heal and move forward.


    Respite - We are deserving of a rest from the unexpected and sudden challenges that have been placed in front of us. Homeschooling, job loss, financial insecurity, fear, isolation. Tough doesn’t even begin to describe it all, but I hope we can take a moment to find a break in the clouds.


    Regeneration - We have to fill our buckets back up with self-care and showering others with love and kindness. To regain our strength and determination, we must be well and intentionally appreciate what we have now, so that we can prepare for what's next. And, really, what is next? We may not know and we may not know how to prepare, but by allowing ourselves a moment to regenerate, we give ourselves the best chance at battling ahead.


    Resolve - The families and students who return in the fall will continue to face some level of uncertainty. While we completed the 2019-2020 school year through trial and error alongside an ever-changing crisis, we made it. Let's build on the successes of the spring term and know that in pushing through the toughest conditions, we can surely take on what's ahead.


    The painful reality is that we are not entirely done with COVID-19. Like a hard fought football game, we're at halftime, we're ahead in the score, but we have to keep our A game ready to go for the 2020-2021 year. To prepare, our facilities and maintenance teams are readying our schools throughout the summer to be ready to receive students, in any capacity, in the fall. Our admin teams and dedicated educators are boning up on the best options to bring our students the quality education they’ve come to expect and deserve from RJUHSD.


    It is important to note that the reopening process will continue to evolve as local and state guidelines change. We want to remind you how important it is for our community to remain attentive to email, social media and website communication from RJUHSD this summer. We commit to maintaining an open line of communication with our families and students and will deliver any updates in real time.


    With deep respect and admiration,


    Jess Borjon

    Interim Superintendent

    Roseville Joint Union High School District


  • Superintendent Communication

    June 2020

    This is the school year, the spring, and certainly, the graduating class that no one will ever forget. We know too well how COVID-19 turned our lives upside down in March, and only today, in the middle of May, are we starting to see glimpses of what a “re-opening” can look like.

    While we feel like we have lost so much, I want to share the ABCs of what I think we have gained in the last few months.


    I can’t think of another situation that would require us all to adapt more quickly. In days, our district, and education in general, has overhauled how students and teachers work together to meet our educational needs. More than 10,000 students and 1,000 staff members came together to deploy the curriculum remotely. The Class of 2020 are the exemplars for adapting. Their adaptability trickled into creating an online celebration that will be memorialized more than any other class in history. They replaced in-person celebrations with yard art, door decorations, car parades and more! Their once-in-a-lifetime rites of passage were negatively impacted and they drew upon gumption, creativity, resilience and humor to make the most of a terrible situation!


    We have been asked to do what doesn’t feel humanly possible, or even human, for that matter. We’ve been asked to stay six feet apart, not to gather, to physically distance, to stay home, and not spend any time with anyone outside our household. Not only does this sound absurd, to high school students, it’s even more outrageous in a community that knows such tight relationships. But you know what? We made it through, in healthy numbers to boot! While we didn’t always have the answers, or know which information to believe, we are making it through, stronger together. We are not finished with this health epidemic but we want to make sure at all times, and especially now, that our students and staff know how brave they are.


    Our school communities have come together to demonstrate their compassion for one another, their teachers and our senior class. For example, seniors were “adopted” by families, and showered with gift baskets, treats, yard signs and drive-thru pop up events. We’ve noticed signs with the message of “We See You, Seniors!” Even with the physical distancing measures and stay-at-home orders, we were able to let one another know that “we have your back!”

    As the newly named interim superintendent, I want to assure you that the pride in this district is something we feel to our bones. We have shown that during the down times, sad moments and the times we have felt defeated, sometimes we have to remember the basics, like the ABCs. We are stronger together, and watch out, because there’s nothing that can stop us now!

    Have a thought, idea or feedback for me? I welcome your input!

    Congratulations to all of our students, staff and families! And to our graduates, never forget the attributes you’ve gained and demonstrated during this challenging time. They will serve you well for years to come.

    With deep respect and admiration,

    Jess Borjon
    Interim Superintendent
    Roseville Joint Union High School District


  • Contact Information

    Name:     Jess Borjon, Interim Superintendent

    Email:     jborjon@rjuhsd.us

    Phone:    916-782-6565 extension 1010