• Athletic Clearance Process


    All athletes wanting to participate in CIF sponsored sports, club sports, dance and/or the cheer team over the summer or during the regular school year, MUST register and complete the Athletic Clearance process on-line through Home Campus. Athletes must be cleared before participating in a sport, including tryouts each school year.

    2023-2024 school year: Sports Physicals must be dated on or after May 15, 2023.


    • Create an account and register your athlete through homecampus.
      • E-Signatures are required by both the athlete and the parent/guardian
      • Upload sports physical and proof of medical insurance
    • Obtain a sports physical through an MD, MO, NP, or NA. Chiropractors are not an acceptable form of verification and are not on the list provided by CIF to clear athletes for participation.
      • It is preferred the district issued physical form is used. Print from the link or your athlete can pick up a hard copy from the RHS Athletics Department.
      • Physicals must be dated on or after May 15, 2023 for the 2023-24 school year
      • Physicals must include the athlete’s name, doctor’s signature, date, and a doctor/facility stamp
    • Proof of medical insurance
      • Athlete’s full name must be on the proof of insurance
      • Need insurance? If you do not have your own medical insurance, it can be obtained through Myers-Stevens.

    Note: Transfers

    1. Any transfer student who is new to a school, shall contact the athletic director or administrator in charge of athletics to determine his/her eligibility status and to complete any necessary forms. No athlete shall participate, which includes, but is not limited to conditioning, practice, scrimmage or athletic contest, until all forms have cleared.
    2. Transfer students must complete additional forms after meeting with the Athletic Director.
    3. Transfers are approved through CIF- SJS. Each athlete’s approval time will vary in length. Roseville High School must receive the athlete’s CIF-SJS approval before said athlete can be cleared.
    4. Residential Eligibility (CIF Bylaws, Article 2). RJUHSD Student Athletic Handbook