• To obtain a work permit, download a copy of the Request for Work Permit Form 

    When school is not in session during the summer, work permits are processed at Independence High School, 


    Frequently Asked Questions:

     Q:            If I have graduated from high school, do I need a work permit?

     A:           No.  Once a minor is no longer subject to California’s compulsory education laws, he/she is not considered a minor for purposes of the state’s child labor laws (Labor Code §1286[c]).  Therefore, a high school graduate does not require a work permit and may work in any occupation.

     Q:            When do work permits expire?

     A:            All work permits expire on August 16 of the following year.  Work permits issued during the summer and prior school year must be renewed by August 15.  For example, if you obtained a work permit on June 15, 2014, you must renew by August 15 to continue working until August 15, 2015.