• Welcome to Adelante

    The Wellness Centers across the district aim to enchance the delivery                                           

    of coordinated services  with the goal to support students and families                                        

    with their social and emotional support across the district.                                                       

    Please click here to view District Wellness Center resouces and services                                                                                                                                                         

     Our Wellness Center focuses on the following five areas of need:                                               

    • Mental Health                                                                                                               
    • Substance Use & Prevention                                                                                             
    • Attendance & Truancy Support                                                                                       
    • Assessment & Referral
    • Community Partnerships & Referrals                                                                               


    Why Wellness?                                                                                                                                     

    Wellness Centers on high school campusus are a powerful investment

    in the health and academic potential of students. They provide increased

    early interventions for students experiencing emotional problems that

    may be impacting their ability to access their learning. Wellness programs

    have a proven ability to reconnect students to learning when health and

    social-emotional barriers are present.  

    Parent Consent Form for Counseling Services


    Contact Wellness Center

    (916) 782-3155 extension 1630

    Room 11

    Wellness & Prevention Coordinator

    Craig Gibbs, LCSW, PPSC

    Mental Health Associate

    Sandra "Sam" Halford, AMFT, APCC