• Britta Harris, BSN, RN (bharris@rjuhsd.us)

    or gbhs-health-office@rjuhsd.us  

    Granite Bay High School 

    Credentialed School Nurse

    Hours: 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m

    Phone: 916-786-8676 ext. 5126

    Fax: 916-786-0766

    1 Grizzly Way, Granite Bay, 95746


  • IF your student has tested positive for Covid, notify the school by completing the Student Positive Covid Test Reporting form, found here and on the GBHS Homepage. 



    Medication: All medications on campus (that include, over-the-counter/non-prescription, and prescription) need to be documented and kept in the Health Office. A medication form needs to be filled out by the child’s physician and signed by physician and parent or guardian. Please click here for the medication form. ALL MEDICATION ORDERS MUST BE RENEWED ANNUALLY BY SCHOOL YEAR.

    "California Ed. Code requires written parent AND physician permission for any medication, even OTC medications, to be administered or taken at school. The Ed. Code allows students, with written physician’s permission on file, to carry an Asthma inhaler or Epipen with them. All other medications must be administered through the Health Office. "

  • Health Office Procedure: If a student needs to be seen in the Health Office, students need to first inform their teacher and receive a "pass". All students seen in the Health Office are required to sign-in and standard triage practices are used to prioritize student needs. Exception for emergencies.

    *Cell phone use is not allowed between student and parent unless authorized by the nurse.

    If a student is not feeling well, he or she must come to the Health Office and if there is a need to go home school nurse will notify the parent/guardian. 

    All other absences/appointments go through the attendance office. If a student has a doctor’s note excusing them from his or her absence, a copy should be given to the Attendance Office as well as the Health Office.


    Communicable Diseases:  Contagious diseases such as pink eye, impetigo, staph infections and ringworm require a written clearance for school attendance from a doctor.  Parasites such as lice and scabies are causes for exclusion from school and school activities. 


    Home Hospital Instruction:  Requests for home teaching due to extended illness (two weeks or longer) must be made through a written medical request on a district form to the principal stating the nature of the illness and the expected duration of the illness.  


    Physical Education:  Students who have physical or health problems that limit participation in a full physical education program are required to submit a medical restriction form to the Health Center. Please click here for PE forms. Students with certain disabilities may, upon presentation of a recommendation from a physician, be excused from regular P.E. and placed in a modified program. Students who have had a serious illness, injury, or any other health complication need a doctor’s clearance to reenter P.E. or athletic programs.