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    Seniors, you must schedule your senior portrait with Prestige Portraits by Sept. 30 or you risk your senior portrait not making it into the yearbook. Don’t hesitate. Call 916.535.7797 today to schedule now or make an appointment online at prestigeportraits.com. DEADLINE TO SCHEDULE IS SEPT. 30.


    Be sure your senior information and senior life motto appear in the yearbook with your senior portrait. Forms will be available in your senior classes. If you don’t receive a form, stop by S206 to pick up and drop off your form. DEADLINE IS OCT. 6.


    Senior Ad packets will be sent to your home next week. If your parents don’t receive a packet in the mail, stop by S206 to pick one up. Ad prices are $50 (1/8 page), $85 (1/4 page), $150 (half page) and $285 (full page). DEADLINE to purchase an ad is NOV. 3.



    August 9, 2017- June 1, 2018

    Junior/Senior Conduct (Board Policy 6147.1) is a policy that reconfirms Antelope High School staff’s commitment to excellence in education through student accountability in the areas of academics, attendance, and discipline.

    In addition to pursuing excellence in education, our goal of developing world citizens is inclusive of supporting student success from earning a high school diploma to enjoying senior privileges.  However, juniors and seniors who demonstrate a lack of academic progress, poor school attendance, and/or engage in inappropriate behaviors will be placed on Junior/Senior Conduct.

    If a junior or senior is on “Conduct” for Academics, Attendance, or Discipline at the time of any school activity, that student will not be allowed to attend and participate in that activity. Students may also lose his/her privileges to participate in the following school related activities and/or school sponsored events: Teacher Assistant, Off-Campus, Homecoming, Winter Ball, Sadie’s Dance, Junior/Senior Ball, and similar programs supported by AnHS.


    Failure to make academic progress: At each quarter grading period, any junior or senior with below a 2.0 quarter GPA or more than one “F” grade will be placed on conduct.


    Students who have received a third notification of truancy during the school year or students who have eight or more period tardies in one quarter (nine week period).


    Behavior that does not represent Titan Pride: Any suspension from school for any offense during the school year or multiple disciplinary referrals with one quarter.

    Seniors placed on Junior/Senior conduct will remain on conduct until:

    1. The student demonstrates significant progress in the area of their conduct in the next quarter (no longer qualifies for conduct in next grading period), or
    2. The student writes an appeal to the Junior/ Senior Conduct Committee with recognition of the reasons for their being placed on conduct and a plan for improving in their area of conduct. Students who write an appeal have the opportunity to be removed from senior conduct and participate in senior activities before the end of the quarter.

    In either case, the student will remain on Senior Conduct and not be able to participate in school activities (including graduation for seniors) until they are notified in writing by the Junior/Senior Conduct Committee that they have been removed from Junior/Senior Conduct.

    Important Junior/Senior Conduct Dates 2017-2018

    End of 1st Quarter: October 13th

    Notification of Junior/Senior Conduct to student: October 20th

    Senior Conduct Written Appeals due: November 3rd

    End of 2nd quarter: December 20th

    Notification of Senior Conduct: January 12th

    Senior Conduct Written Appeals due: January 26th

    End of 3rd quarter: March 16th

    Notification of Senior Conduct: March 23rd

    Senior Conduct Written Appeals due: April 6th


    *Graduation is Friday, June 1, 2018

    If you have any questions, please contact

    Assistant Principal, Ms. Lindsey Parker at 726-1400 ext. 6060.