Students park at their own risk. All vehicles parked in OHS parking lots are subject to search.

  • Parking Permits:
    Turn in PDF and required docs to Student Services on 8/2   
    1. Fill out all sections of the Parking Permit Application. (click here)
    2. Submit the form.
    3. The completed form will be emailed to you in a PDF, print the completed PDF form and have your parent sign.
    4. Bring ALL required documents to Student Services:
    *Printed AND Signed Form (Parent and Student Signature)
    * Copy of Drivers License
    * Copy of Car Registration for all cars listed (must be current)
    5. When all documents are on file in Student Services you will receive your Permit Decal or be added to the waitlist.

    Senior Painted Parking Spot:
    Turn in PDF and required docs to Student Services on 8/2 
    1. Students must submit a drawing of your proposed parking paint job by Aug 2nd by at 1pm here.
    2. Both the legal guardian and student must sign this contract (click here) and return it by Aug 2nd at 3:30pm, along with their $40 in Student Services. Spots are limited- first come first served.
    3. Painting day is Aug 3rd, beginning at 7am and ending at 11am, all painting must be completed within the designated time frame.
    4. We will provide a limited amount of paint brushes and rollers. You must provide your paint but it has to be exterior house paint and must be approved at the check in table. Some paint in school colors will be provided. (Navy Blue, Columbia Blue, and White)