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     Attendance Awareness

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    This site contains information and resources to support parents and guardians with getting students to school on time every day, procedures for late arrivals and early dismissals, and policies that govern attendance.  
    Absences, whether excused or not, equate to a missed learning opportunity.  To that end, we ask that you minimize or avoid scheduling medical appointments during the school day and family vacations during the school year. 
    The mission of Roseville High School is as follows:
    Working together, we will prepare every student for post-secondary education.
    We cannot ensure this mission for your student if he or she is not in class.  We are ready to partner with you to make sure your student attends class and takes advantage of the great educational opportunities offered here at Roseville High School.
    Why We Can't Teach an Empty Seat
    When a student misses class, he or she misses so much more than a worksheet or a reading assignment.  Your student is missing out on a dynamic learning experience that cannot be replicated in make-up assignments.  Our teachers utilize many different teaching methods and strategies to engage students and enhance learning.  Take a look inside some of our classes in the photo gallery below.  Click on the i (information) icon on the top left corner to understand more about classroom learning that absent students miss.
Last Modified on November 6, 2019