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     Hello Tiger Families!

    We recognize that there are times when families need to have their student released for an early dismissal.  Please know that there is a process to do this.  The process establishes home-school communication, diminishes the interruption of classroom instruction, and supports student safety.

    Please note the following:  If a parent or guadian arrives on campus to pick up a student without prior notification, we follow a process that minimizes class disruption.  Because of this, it will take a minimum of 20 minutes to summon your student to the office.  We do not send for students 20 minutes prior to the end of the school day.

    Finally, we also recognize the convenience of cell phones that allow you to text your child.  Please know that such a system has flaws for student safety and school liability.  Teachers are instructed never to authorize the release of a student based on a communication from a parent; teachers only release students based on communication from the office.

    Preferred Process:  Written Request for Early Dismissal

    Step 1:  Parent/Guardian:

    Send a signed written request to school with your student.

    Step 2:  Student:

    Go to the Attendance Office Window in the Administration Building Foyer to turn in note and receive a “Special.”  This may happen before school, during passing periods, and during lunch.

    Step 3:  Early Dismissal:

    Student will show the Special to the appropriate teacher and be dismissed at the time stated on the Special.

    In the event that an early dismissal is needed and a written note was not sent with the student, a parent/guardian may do ONE of the following:  

    • Call RHS Attendance Office (916) 782-3753 Ext. 3011 at least 30 minutes prior to dismissal time.
    • Send an email request to rhsattendance@rjuhsd.us at least 30 minutes prior to dismissal time

    Please note the following:

    A dismissal without prior notification during our ROAR Intervention period is difficult due to the various locations available to your student.  Please be patient.  

    We also recognize that there are extenuating circumstances that fall outside the boundaries of this process.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs.


    RHS Attendance Office  (916) 782-3753 Ext. 3011        rhsattendance@rjuhsd.us

    Assistant Principals  

    Paige Powell (A-D)          (916) 782-3753 Ext. 3062          ppowell@rjuhsd.us

    Anna Marie Clark (E-La)   (916) 782-3753 Ext. 3063          aclark@rjuhsd.us

    Matt Pipitone (Le-Re)       (916) 782-3753 Ext. 3064          mpipitone@rjuhsd.us

    Jason Wilson (Ri-Z)          (916) 782-3753 Ext. 3061          jwilson@rjuhsd.us




Last Modified on October 7, 2021