The Oakmont Health Careers Academy is a voluntary three year college preparatory program. The Academy provides highly rigorous and relevant curriculum that stresses real world application for students interested in medical careers. Freshman students interview for admission, commit to improving their academic standing, and demonstrate strong motivation to explore a future in healthcare.

    The Health Careers Academy curriculum and exposure to the medical world gives students a strong foundation for entrance to medical careers that cannot be derived from even our honors and AP classes. Academy graduates have the personal and leadership skills to be very successful in postsecondary education and in the professional world.

    The Academy program includes technical courses at four levels. In these classes, students have experiences that typically do not occur until the medical school level. In two of the Medical Technology courses, students observe or participate in activities such as: monitoring EKGs, open heart surgery, interpreting for non-English speaking patients, and administering CPR to emergency room patients.

    This program is open to all students in the Roseville Joint Union High School District and students who obtain inter-district transfer agreements to attend Oakmont High School. Please speak with the academy coordinator before applying for transfer to Oakmont.
  • Health Academy Vision

    To be the premier college and career high school community by providing rigorous academic coursework and healthcare industry experience.

  • Health Academy Principles

    1. DO NO HARM






  • Advanced Medical Science

    Advanced Medical Science

    Students will learn basic anatomy and physiology, medical abbreviations, basic chemistry, and physics. Students will also research job functions, career forecasts and educational preparation required for a variety of positions. Career exploration occurs primarily through regularly scheduled visits to observe in local health care facilities. Skills training will become more focused on particular job functions. Students are certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic first aid.

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  • Introduction to Medicine

    Introduction to Medicine

    Introduction to Medicine is a sophomore level course, which focuses on developing a broad-spectrum foundation of knowledge about the health care field and career options. Students examine health care systems, basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, human development and behavior, communications in health care, ethics, confidentiality, teamwork, and asepsis and disease control. Students are certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic first aid and learn beginning level health care skills. Introduction to Medicine includes health care related speakers and field trips, and is a required course upon entrance into the Oakmont Health Careers Academy. Students who pass Introduction to Medicine with a B- or better receive 3 units of articulated CSU/UC transferable college credit from American River College.

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  • Hospital Practicum

    Hospital Practicum

    Hospital Practicum is an elective course for seniors in the Health Careers Academy, and is designed to provide these students with intensive technical training and experiences. Students will be assigned to one area of healthcare training. There will be a clinical supervisor from the healthcare field in each area who will take responsibility for instruction, training, application experiences, and feedback and performance evaluation. Students will be engaged in direct, on-the-job training for three hours each day. This course is offered in the spring term.

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  • Medical Trends Seminar

    Medical Trends Seminar

    Medical Trends Seminar is the senior level technical course of the Health Careers Academy. This class encompasses academic knowledge, health care skills, leadership skills development, and interpersonal skills development. Students will apply skills they have learned in Introduction to Medicine and Advanced Medical Sciences, complete college admissions materials, and prepare materials for health careers employment. Students will also research current trends in healthcare, and will identify and implement strategies to address current healthcare problems and issues.

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