Principles of Business is an introduction to the world of business providing students with an analytical perspective on how organizations operate as well as preparing them for additional coursework at Granite Bay High School, future college business courses and employment. It will expose students to business administration as well as the key variables that influence today's business success. This course has been designed to provide students with familiarity of basic principles and practices of contemporary business, knowledge of business concepts and terminology, and an understanding of how business works. Students will learn not only the skills necessary to become a successful business person but also the attitudes, characteristic, and techniques needed to succeed. Units covered include business in the global economic environment, business organization and management, business operations and technology, and personal financial management. Topics include economic decisions and systems, international business, social responsibility and ethics, forms of business ownership, entrepreneurship, management and leadership, business operations, marketing concepts, finance, credit and insurance, career planning, and other major aspects of business.

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    This course provides a general overview of the principles of marketing. Students will learn the core standards of marketing applicable to all businesses. Basic topics of the marketing concept, marketing mix (product, placement/distribution, promotion, and price), target markets, market segmentation, marketing-information management, customer satisfaction, product/service management, and marketing research will be studied and applied using Sports and Entertainment industries as a focus. The marketing techniques learned will give students a solid foundation for their own business endeavors and/or for future college business courses.

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    This course will challenge students to think critically and communicate appropriately in multiple business situations by using various projects, case studies, and business planning scenarios. Students will learn business communications skills in a contextual environment by addressing contemporary business issues, and will combine technology skills, using the Microsoft Office Suite, with critical reading and writing skills as they apply to career technical education business concepts. Students will produce multiple written documents, including emails, memos, training materials, papers, and business plans. This course emphasizes business management perspectives by challenging students to think like managers in a business organization in order to build 21st century skills (creating, analyzing, and evaluating). Students will work collaboratively to find real solutions for challenges faced by contemporary business organizations. Students will leave the class with experience in presentation techniques, creation of documents to run a business, and skills that will enhance their job and/or college performance.

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    The International Baccalaureate Business and Management course is designed to develop an understanding of business theory, as well as an ability to apply business principles, practices, and skills. The application of tools and techniques of analysis facilitates an appreciation of complex business activities. The course considers the diverse range of business organizations and activities and the cultural and economic context in which business operates. Emphasis is placed on strategic decision-making and the day-to-day business functions of marketing, production, human resource management, and finance. Links between the topics are central to the course, and this integration promotes a holistic overview of business activity. The Business and Management course aims to help students understand the implications of business activity in a global market. It is designed to give students an international perspective of business and to promote their appreciation of cultural diversity through the study of topics like international marketing, growth, and business strategy. The ideals of international cooperation and responsible citizenship are at the heart of Business and Management. International Baccalaureate courses are open to any Granite Bay High School student. Applicable IB exam and registration fees apply. ALL students enrolled in IB courses are required to complete the entire course and sit for the external exams in May.

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