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    Assistant Principal overseeing PLTW: Alyssa Gonzalez
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    What is a Career Pathway?
    A CTE Career Pathway is sequence of courses in a recognized industry sector aligned with the California Career Technical Education (CTE) Model Curriculum Standards.  Antelope High School provides sequenced career pathways that include industry related and academic content standards to prepare students for success in postsecondary education, careers, and lifelong learning.

    A Career Pathway consists of three courses designated as:
    1st Course: Introduction Course
    2nd Course: Concentrator Course
    3rd Course: Capstone Course

    What does a Career Pathway offer?
    The Antelope High School Career and Technical Education Pathways offer students a unique perspective into a field of study that they might want to pursue upon their graduation from high school. Students completing a Career Pathway will have the opportunity to achieve specific competencies in that area of study, earn a program certificate and/or pre-apprenticeship certification, develop an industry specific portfolio, display a special graduation cord, obtain an internship with a local business or on campus, travel to conferences and/or competitions, receive college credit (dual enrollment) in some classes, and establish a professional on-line presence. Completing a Career Pathway at Antelope High School will be a distinguishing achievement whether you are continuing your education at a four year college, junior college, trade school, or entering a career.

    CTE Career Pathways at Antelope High School
    • Engineering
    • Biomedical Sciences
    • Professional Photography
    • Computer Science

    Who can benefit from completing a Career Pathway?
    • Students wanting to continue their study in the subject post high school
    • Students wanting to enter a career in the industry post high school
    • Students with a strong interest in a the subject
    • Students who want to have subject structured learning focus of knowledge and skills in high school
    • Students who want to make their high school experience more meaningful and be connected to other students with the same interest

    What is a Career Pathway?
    Students enter the Career Pathway by taking the Introduction course as the first course. During the Introduction course of the Career Pathway, the teacher will educate students about the Career Pathway. The teacher will encourage students to continue with the Career Pathway by identifying and tracking their progress in completing the Concentrator and Capstone course.  Career Pathway courses do not need to be taken in back to back semester terms.  Students who complete all three courses will automatically receive recognition as an Antelope High School CTE Career Pathway Completer upon graduating.


    Benefits of Taking Career Technical Education Courses


    The Career Pathways offered follow the CTE guidelines set forth by the California Department of Education.

    Career and Technical Education Facts

    • Learn real-world 21st century skills that make students career and college ready.
    • Courses meet a-g requirements for entrance into the UC college system.
    • Students learn skills like: critical thinking; communication; teamwork; leadership; research tools; creativity; and innovation.
    • Students who complete rigorous academic core with a career concentration are more likely to pursue postsecondary education; have a higher GPA in college; and are less likely to drop out the first year of college.
    • CTE courses increase engagement in school by involving students as decision-makers and “owners” of their education process.