Mr. Zachary Weidkamp

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Mr. Zachary Weidkamp

I am the advisor for the GBHS Film Media program and the GBHS Media Coordinator.  I am a GBHS 2000 Alumni.  I have taught Media and Film at GBHS since 2010 and I am the GBHS 2010 Teacher of the Year.


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Online Learning due to COVID-19



Hello students and parents.  Here is an overview of the framework of what distance learning will look like for the next few weeks.  All online instruction will be facilitated via the Google Classroom app that all students have access to from their RJUHSD Google account.  Before the closure of GBHS, I made sure that all students knew where to go to access Google Classroom and had access.  If you want access to Google Classroom, email me and I can send you an invite via Google Classroom.


Here is what you can expect, for now (as with everything right now, things are fluid and may change):  

1. Students can expect to complete assignments each week per class.  Assignments given will be expected to be done during the week and turned in by the end of the day at the end of the week.  For instance, the first assignments will be assigned on Wednesday and will be due Friday.  After that, assignments will be assigned on Monday and due on Friday.

2. All work will be conducted online.  We will not meet at school or in public.  I am not expecting that students meet to complete assignments.  If students decide to meet in person, that is at the discretion of the parents.

3. If you don't have reliable (or you have no) internet access at home, please call this district hotline phone number for help: (916) 462-9511  

4. I will be available for communication during normal school hours (7:30 am to 3:00 pm) and I will be checking communication tools (email, google classroom, and Remind) after hours as well.  I may not be as quick to respond since I am working at home with a 1 year old and other family members to take care of.

5. The assignments that students complete will be determined by the technology students have available to them.  Alternative assignments will be given to those students who do not have production technology.

Video camera or phone/tablet camera
○ Computer-based video editing program or phone/tablet editing app
○ Computer-based 3D or 2D animation software


If you have any questions, please let me know. I'll do my best to answer your question appropriately.

Zachary Weidkamp


1st Period - Prep
2nd Period - Advanced Media Production / Media Management
3rd Period - Media Production
4th Period - Film Production

1st Period - Prep
2nd Period - Advanced Media Production / Media Management
3rd Period - 3D Animation
4th Period - Media Production